Joltzdude Video /Bordercast 60 cap confirmed, Mayhem Scaling

If you haven’t seen it:

I’m stoked…especially for this melee GR perk…One-shotter Fl4k Melee build anyone?


Link to bordercast, interview with devs.


Lots of good stuff coming. I’m not stoked, I’m jazzed, pumped, locked and loaded! Heard a bunch of things that have been needed. Thank you both for posting these.


I still will not use slam


or slide.


Looks like this will come at a good time, with the all the stuff surrounding the Guardian Takedown. It’ll be good to move on with a fresh start.

I’m a little dissappointed in the BIG PATCHES they announced. Hopefully the DLC has some significant content since the first two seemed…short. No raid bosses or treasure rooms to plunder…


Posted this in another thread but seems appropriate here as well. Some cool stuff but leveling more and trying to get new items or refarm mayhem nades or whatever without fixes to the loot drops is kind of a bust for me.

Apparently loot drop fixes aren’t coming in this patch. Joltz has this info pinned on his Bordercast video recap:

Also, I might have this wrong but the increased damage for AS is going to appear as an RNG modifier on Mods? Is that correct? I thought it was going to be a flat boost on every Mod not just appear as an RNG modifier.

So instead of +mag size you get +AS dmg but may not get +AS dmg by default? If this is true…just WTF? Why would anyone want a Mod without AS damage when AS dmg isn’t scaled properly? This seems like a horrible band-aid fix.

This also means characters like Moze have to forego other modifiers to make their AS work while playing Amara you can just get whatever modifier you want because her AS is fine. Please someone tell me I have this wrong.


Nope. Sounds about par the course on this game.


I was just thinking about how this game needed some more R in RNG :roll_eyes:

On a positive note, I believe AS base damage will scale with Mayhem in addition to this new +AS damage added to COM bonuses. They mentioned it on the Bordercast.


No, that isn’t right; the boosts to action skills and action skill modifiers on gear are separate things. :slight_smile:


Good to hear. I missed some of the cast so glad to hear it’s both.

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Sounds like melee builds are getting a huge bump here in several areas. I can think of a couple people who must be on cloud nine with all this! I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

Lead or Alive works for me.


still not enough to keep playing, will do the dlc finish that and stop again till either next level increase or dlc drops.

so max probably around 5-10 hrs gameplay for doing dlc 3. then break for 2-3 months again maybe longer depending on content drops.

thought phase 2 the way it was being hyped up was going to be massive but after borderland show not even worth time and effort.


The interesting thing about the Action skill bonus is that you can go for completely dedicated action skill COM rolls. Splash damage, cool down rate, and skill damage would be beneficial for most if not all action skills.

Only thing that kind of sucks is that Amara already has a bunch of skill damage from Rush. If this bonus is additive with those it won’t do a lot for her. Cast/slam really need a boost specific to them.

Still wish they just made more of our stats effect action skills though. God forbid IB stomp gets 50% melee damage…

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I really liked the passion Nick Thurston brought to the interview. He did a great job of explaining things, including why shields don’t scale in Mayhem. :metal:

But in stating simply that enemy damage doesn’t scale as the reason, he completely forgot about all of the shields that do damage.


I’m starting to fear that they really don’t understand their game that well. Either that, or they just forget these things really easily.

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I don’t understand BL math very well but wouldn’t that be on the dmg you do equation and not on the dmg done to you equation?

Yes, it’s dmg that you do but nothing from your shield scales with Mayhem level.