Joltzdudes comment section is perfectly right

Someone consolidated a comment section in Joltzdudes YouTube and it’s a perfect set of suggestions for improving borderlands 3.

While I don’t agree that there are only 6 usable guns, I don’t disagree with a single sentiment on any of them, especially the need to reroll modifiers one at a time and the need for a boss fight. Also, we don’t need “another” currency. Eridium is fine. Otherwise, good list.

Not saying all would have to happen, but they’d all bring some value to the game IMHO.



That’s pretty much what many of us have said over and over again.


Id like some raid bosses

Dlc3 came.out.was fun but everything dies ina few seconds with all thr new guns and old m6 stuff.


That pretty well sums it up. Hopefully it won’t take another year to get us there.

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Sums it up.

Pretty simple list.
GBX will ignore it :frowning:


I liked the idea of seraph crystals, I thought it was neat being able to peep inside the vending machine and seeing stuff I couldn’t get because I didn’t know how to kill any invincible besides terramorphous.
If there was something similar to work towards (i.e. raid bosses instead of raid) that allure of super hard to acquire gear that you can out right buy if you accomplish the challenge enough times. I like that system.


No point rolling modifiers one at a time, let us chose them that would be more practical.
And yeah no need for another currency use Eridium for reroll


Agreed. I’m more likely to experiment with them if I can easily select them

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I’d love some DLC characters but I’m afraid that ship has already sailed


Yeah you’re probably right. I think if they are thinking about adding skill trees, that might substitute a dlc character in some ways of the new trees were to add new playstyles to your kit.


A dedicated tree to melee would do this game a lot of good in my eyes, Krieg is what made BL2 a whole different experience for me.
The 4 we have now- You can spec for a melee damage build but it’s not on the level of what Krieg or even Brick was.


Pretty much. These are suggestions we’ve heard over and over and over again because that’s what the majority of players want. I’m still hopeful that GBX is working on implementing some of these in the near future.

Personally I’d also add a similar Class Mod system from BL2 where Blue Rarity mods were pretty great because they

  1. Gave more points than any mod into a skill (+6s)
  2. Was the ONLY (or 1 of like 2) ways to buff a particular Skill (meaning no Epic/Legendary mod touched that skill).
    In terms of BL3. I’d really like if some mods were tweaked to allow +1 point over the norm (5-point skills can get a +6, a 3-point skill can get a +4, etc).

But yeah, that’s just me.


I was thinking about that yesterday how blues used to be used in 1 shot boss builds! Makes me wanna get back on my Maya and try a few things out.

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I’m not sure if I’d want to re-roll anoints. I’d rather they make some kind of consumable you can buy that makes certain anoints show up more often for a certain period of time (say an hour).

One way I could see them working something like this into the game is as a new spin on the Moxx-tails from The Pre-Sequel. Going down that route, I think they should be bought with Eridium at Moxxxi’s bar on Sanctuary 3. This should effect everything (even items in quest rewards and vending machines).

While I like some of the suggestions which I’ve heard in other places too, to me gearbox needs to be a bit careful with, dare I say it, balance.
Part of the challenge in getting that ‘god roll’ item is the fact it’s so rare and hard to get. It drives some players to keep on playing in that quest to build the perfect character. 21 annointments have just been removed from the loot pool, legendary items can now be bought from vending machines and certain chests now have a better legendary drop rate among other changes in recent times.
I can’t play anywhere near enough to get all the gear I want for my character so ask for help and trade to others what I find useful to their characters. Other players though want the challenge of ‘the hunt’ so to speak plus have the time to put into the game and we should be mindful of not making the game too easy in that regard.
I’m a huge fan of the recent updates but I think we need to be careful we don’t make things so easy we see players achieving everything they can quickly and easily so then stop playing.


Other than variety of viable weapons (especially ones that arent just “click on head to win”) none of these suggestions would make my top10 of things id like to see in the game.

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same what nonsense summery

To contribute to the conversation, what would you suggest? I figured these are a good starting point for any discussion on community feedback

i mean if randy plans on making season 2 pass which cost other £40 etc i better hope he adds these in first beforehand otherwise i probly wont even bother paying for season 2 pass.

exodus mod lowkey have more creative gun than bl3 , welp out of topic

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