Joltzdudes comment section is perfectly right

All are great comments. #1 on that list for me is add more boss battles for the end game. #2. Make more weapons viable on M10 either with 1) a general buff or 2) tailored, for example, i) when using a Jackob’s pistol and a new artifact ‘x’ or even better modify currently useless items like the phoenix tears, then you get ‘x’ amount of damage more when you equip a Jakob’s pistol, beyond what the stat rolls are on that given artifact, ii) a modification of another somewhat useless item like a Nova berner that when equipped with a fire based weapon, (such as a Hellfire) does 20% more damage, etc. These are clever ways to make all of the items more relevant.

The issue with this change is that none of the better legendaries were added to this pool. I have yet to see any weapon drop from a chest or vending machine that was worth picking up at higher Mayhem levels. Shields and grenades, sure, but honestly how many of those are very good?

I just want to be able to level up any legendary I have via eridium. And I suggest, to along with that, the ability to sell legendaries for eridium + cash.

I am not for removing modifiers unless they literally rebalanced all mayhem percentage values. I’d much rather keep anointments but have the ability to reroll them.

Raid bosses, yes please. Those were fun to attempt to min/max for.

I would at least want purple class mods to be relevant. But once I have legendary class mods now I tend to ignore other options.

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I feel like the only non-legendary item worth using is a CMT grenade mod.
Haven’t really used anything else unless red text, and even then that was just to see what the red text items do.

I’ll say it one more time here too. What made this game lose control over how things keep balanced are the anointments. They need to go. There came a point between former mayhem 3 and 4 when they became essential to a build. Then the whole game got balanced around the dps you could dish out with these anointment dependant builds. On top of this m2.0 made nearly ever weapon weak and imbalances worse.
This game needs to be about skill trees and guns again. Legendary world drops need to be toned down so finding one is special. Maybe up the dedicated drops so farming for something makes sense. Enemies should then scale to this situation. They had the winning formula with bl2, instead they filled this one with an extra layer of variables that made keep ingcontrol of crazy interactions even more difficult.

About the list:

No more special currency. Eridium is useless. Gungun? Why bother with it’s rng when every skirmish nets me about 15 legendaries?

Some modifiers are annoying, yes. Both gameplay wise and screen cluttering wise too. Sometimes I can’t see what I’m shooting at. When playing with others is obviously worse.

Previous events are history. A one time thing. So are its items. I can live with that. Maybe it makes more sense if they return after some major level increase.

No need for a new rarity if they fix the world drops. Legendaries drop more than whites. Maybe lock some special items behind a takedown, trial, or much needed raid bosses.

Fix spaghetti code that made chests drop m10 loot while putting m10 guns at the hands of the enemies

And most of all… Balance! Longevity demands that stuff keeps engaging, builds to be diverse, weapons to be mostly useful.

The game is dying.


My two cents on this:
1- 5-6 weapons will only make it confusing to change weapons and stay there hitting the swap weapon 6 times to get one weapon.
2- Rerolling anointments is really not it, guys. this is a farming based game. if we take out the anointment farm what do we have left? nothing much.
3- We didn’t need Joltzdude to say this stuff tbh, these are stuff that players have been asking to change from day one.

I don’t think they mean 5 or six weapon slots. I think they mean only a handful of guns are good on m10 enemies.


You misunderstood. This was about how there aren’t many guns to choose from. E.g. I get half a dozen woodblockers to drop every game session, but I don’t look at them because they suck. In terms of usable guns, there are far fewer than could be.

That’s a good point about farming. I’m not convinced there should be an anointment reroll machine of some kind, however, with the issue above regarding usable weapons, finding the right anointment on the working ones becomes more crucial. I think the anoint system isn’t quite fully tuned yet.

This wasn’t the YouTuber himself. It was comments. If you read the message the commenter writes, they just said they were trying to consolidate from hundreds of comments they’d read. That person is actually just consolidating things people like us (?) said.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

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Agreed – kinda. I keep the gun gun around so I can spam it at friends who spend too long at the vending machine. I got a red suit, and a few other quest items I’d been wanting from it. That’s worth it to me. But overall, I agree there’s not enough to do with it.

Feels like the screen clutter issue is separate but I agree overall.

Point for that was just let players pick their modifiers. We’re gonna reroll them for 20 minutes until we get what we want anyway. Might as well make life easier

Yes plz allow access to event items after the rebalancing level cap increases.

Good idea

I respect the thought, but I don’t know the stats. Unless there’s evidence of significant falloff of game time on steam or wherever people keep stats (I’m PS4), I can’t say it’s dying.

But also, isn’t everything technically dying? In the long term, won’t we all eventually be just like that psycho you exploded with a facepuncher white elephant a few moments ago? Don’t we all eventually have our entire body disintegrate to dust?

What really is… “Dying”…? :thinking::brain:



Check this out. #95

Lost nearly 2/3 of the steam players in a month. And waning.

I believe the steam charts recorded a huge drop off of players around the release of mayhem 2.0 (not sure if the player count has recovered or not) but personally that was when i stopped playing too. Up until that point I’d probably played a minimum of 4 days a week since release. I picked it back up for bounty of blood and the rebalancing but still don’t feel the same draw to keep playing and farm that I had in bl2.

Oh damn, i didn’t realize that. lol thx.

imo the right thing to do is reduce even more the anointments…most of them we don’t even use…

And I think they should just be scrapped altogether. The interactions they have and double dipping some skills take from them is just absurd and will never be balanced (Amara I’m talking about you). At the very least remove damage anoints altogether and just leave the rest that can be incorporated into creative builds

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Oh interesting. Wonder if they had taken a different route and not had damage what the anoints could have been? Im thinking a lot more things similar to “on action skill start activate shield break effect” would exist. Those change gameplay without breaking damage output with weird interactions.

(Edit: in theory they do. I know there are some spamable things that can break the game with that, but for example, that one anoint changes the frozen heart into an offensive tool, rather than just a passive shield effect. I wonder if there would be weapon things like “gives a chance to instantly restore action skill” on a gun, or “adds healing effect for allies” to grenades like old transfusions)

to the answer of 2.) there is too many perks/anointments for artifacts, class mods etc , other fix could be remove all specific company perks/anointments but farming for right perks/anointments on console is more hassle as you can kill boss faster (then hope on rng for right ones) then wait even longer quitting and getting back into the game (if your on console) which can make farming on console a nightmare after seeing soo many of item you want say over week worth of farming and still doesn’t get item with perks/anointments you seek

This is exactly the type of stuff I was thinking of. More mechanics that can be used to find synergy with skills and gear rather than just spam action skill and be stronger. Idk it just seems like they were either lacking in creative ideas or shut down by higher ups

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Hm. I dunno. You may be right :thinking:. I’d say that the damage anoints really hurt the meta of the game.

Anoints that coulda been added that mighta been better (I’m not paid to think of these so they’re just “I don’t wanna develop this SQL query so I’m fking around on the forums” ideas)


  • action skill/auto bear active damage taken reduced by x%
  • chance to refill shield for self and/or allies in ground pound
  • jump slightly higher
  • chance to cause stagger/knockdown to enemies when running or sliding into them


  • action skill start, all guns are reloaded
  • mag size increased for 10 seconds and filled when action skill end/calm cool collected is procced
  • fire rate increased (kinda gets into damage tho)
  • all guns become hamburger launchers


  • on grenade hit AS cooldown rate increased/doubled for 5 seconds.
  • number of enemies impacted per throw returns that much ammo to mag.
  • grenade has a chance to cause melee damage on impact (not just one grenade now. Minus groundbreaker being crazy with a CMT nades, it could be cool! Just roll with it! We’re in imagination land!!!)
  • melee causes gun to fire faster, shots cause melee to recover faster. Idk
  • chance to throw a second grenade for free
  • chance to cause brainstormer/chain lightning effect to enemies damaged by nade

Rerolling individual modifiers is a must. It takes away from actually playing the game when you spend almost an hour rolling modifiers that you like/can deal with.

There’s definitely more than 5-6 viable weapons at M10. A gun doesn’t have to delete everything within half a second to be viable. (Edit: I’m not saying that a lot of them don’t need a buff, more is always better.)

Rerolling anoints would take away from the core aspect of the game. This isn’t Diablo. However I could get behind an added function on the lost loot machine. Pick an anoint and have it spit out a random weapon with that anoint. Better rolls for how many pieces of loot are in there.

They’ve already confirmed that the events will return, so we will eventually be able to get them on level again.

There is a bit too many legendaries. Other weapon rarities would diversify this, but there’d still be the same amount, or more. A large chunk of the legendaries were pearls or uniques in the other games. I’d rather see new stuff that we haven’t had before.

And I don’t think anyone can argue against head hunter packs and raid bosses. Something that I’m sure is in the future pipeline. We haven’t even completed the DLC cycle with this game yet. We are no where near the true endgame.

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Good thoughts. I got no prob with them.

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