Jolztdude inspired build

Hey I got inspired of Joltzdude who used dual flakkers and pair composed of a ahab and a trespasser for a Voracidous speedkill and developed a build I haven’t seen before!

This one uses a lot of synergy between skills and has the advantage to be speedy, damaging and healthy…
Slot 1: Fwap a ahab
Slot 2: Grog nozzle
Slot 3: Casual flakker
Slot 4: Casual flakker
Shield: Either a fast blockade or an antagonist can also use a sham
Grenade: Fastball, magic missile or chain lightning based on the area and preference
Class mod: Legendary Berserker (hehe, let me explain that later)
Relic: Explosive damage relic

If you are using this build to speedfarm it is recommended to use this variation:

Slot 1: Fwap a ahab
Slot 2: Casual flakker
Slot 3: Badaboom
Slot 4: Badaboom
Grenade: none
The rest is the same

Now the spec:


Quick draw: Used because this is still a gun swap exploit and locked and loaded is useless because there’s a swap between each shot or double shot
All I need is one: This build swaps to do damage and the skill boosts damage after a swap
Divergent likeness: If you use the build without badabooms, it is supposed (I haven’t tested that yet) to boost the damage. With the speed build, it boosts accuracy, so more accuracy=tighter flakker spread=dmg
Auto loader: This one is the most useful skill of this tree with NKLO (in my opinion).
As you one-shot enemies while having your ahab in hand, you don’t need to reload the other pair (either flakkers or badabooms)
Lay Waste: Need to get down in the tree and I think I have seen flakker bullets critting
Down Not Out: Because reasons!
Keep it piping hot: If you are doing the peak, you will have some times while you’re out of gunzerking and the damage increase is useful
No Kill Like Overkill: INSANE DAMAGE!

Inconceivable: Can be useful to save ammo to not reload during hard times (FFYL, low health, etc)
Last Longer: To last longer.
I’m Ready Already: To be a faster gunzerking gunzerker.
Steady as She Goes: I also haven’t tested this one but if we really get an accuracy bonus on the flakker, it’s nice.
Yippe Ki Yay: To be gunzerking for longer.
Get Some: To have more damage when we need it(a bullet hits, then triggers keep it piping hot, then the bullets in the next 0.6 seconds do more damage).


Incite: Obvious reasons.
Asbestos: To keep the nasty dots away.
I’m the Juggernaut: To get to Bus that can’t slow down and it’s the less worse skill around
Fistful of Hurt: Very useful when enemies are too near to get sufficient damage from the flakker/ahab thing. PUNCH THEM BACK!
Bus That Can’t Slow Down: To manage your distance between enemies and cuz every one likes movement speed.

Now the use of Legendary Berserker’s justification: It gives movement speed while gunzerking, cooldown rate, boosts quick draw=swap speed and the flakker’s splash damage isn’t affected by moneyshot.

However, feel free to modify this build because it’s how this one was created!


Really unique build! I like it!

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Actually, it IS the worst skill around

Hard to kill would be a better choice IMO

I could go through the rest of the build helping you get the most out of it if you want :slight_smile:


Thanks man its appreciated

Also, if you use the flakker and the ahab on the same pair, it is preferrable to invest into locked and loaded instead of lay waste…and I forgot I could use slag singularities to group the enemies.

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First, Get some is completely invaluable, there is no reason to put a single point in it. It’s Sal’s best skill.
Some might say that Money shot is his best skill, but I have made builds without money shot…not so with get some.

Then, yes you are right, L&L is a better choice than Lay waste since you control when it’s on, don’t have to get that low in the tree to get it and works PERFECTLY with that swapping playstyle.

Now, considering your loadout, since there are no Moxxi guns in sight, you are probably better off with spending a few points in brawn to increase your chance of survival. Move some points to the health regen skills.
Also: Asbestos protects you from DoTs, but AGTTB protects you from everything

So where are we going to take the points ?
Well, the whole point of this build is how incredibly powerful that combo is, so there really is no need for NKLO and KIPH, that’s just overkill

Yes, but if you spec Get Some, you will have less of these moments :stuck_out_tongue:
And with points in IRA and a COM that boosts your cooldown, these moments will be shorter.

Don’t expect Steady as she goes to increase your accuracy, that’s not what this skill does.
It reduces recoil (which means the speed at which the reticle blooms) and periodically increases accuracy…by instantly fixing your already-accumulated recoil (in short, it doesn’t make the Flakker more accurate, but it could prevent it from becoming too inacurate …if it had a bigger mag for that to matter)
Still, no real good place to put that point anyway, so keep it :slight_smile:

This is what it could look like:

Now, If the only reason to go for the Leg. Berserker is movement speed (which you already have plenty of) cooldown rate (which you have plenty of and don,t really need thanks to Get Some) and an extra 35% swap speed, you can probably safely try anything else.

Consider the Leg. Titan for more damage, more fire rate and more survival
Or a Monk, for the passives
The Berserker is still a good choice though, so you might want to stick with it.

Shield: Sal (especially Brawn Sal) heavily benefits from adaptive shields (like the Neo or Evo) over whatever the Blockade can give you.

Grenade: No slag on your guns = Magic Missile or slag Singularity
Fastball was nice to proc NKLO, but what do you need extra power for ?

That should cover it :slight_smile:

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I use a pair of flakkers then swap to a grog and a ahab so I don’t miss health, the other loadout was for things like farming saturn while you don’t need moxxi guns because you can easily revive and start the farm again

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oh, ok

I thought you held the Ahab and swapped the flakkers to reload them like Joltz does

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nope reloads automatically after a kill with auto-loader, so cool/ And yeah if the enemies are not too op it would be better to invest in gunzerking than overkilling

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