Jordan Peterson free speech ftw let's have open discussion rather than sensor ship

Why do so many find talking about him a taboo subject my understanding is it’s mostly hive mind as most people won’t explain why as in they have no actual reason other than group think

*edit BTW I’m not asking people to love him or agree with anything I just wanted an open minded liberal discussion with fair disagreement and discussion I like him but I do not agree every thing he says but we are all open minded are we not so why can we not have an open discussion to enjoy viewpoints other than our own

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Never heard of a sensor ship, that the one with the high-end radar and sonar equipment?


Yes. Let’s discuss. Openly.


Sens or ship, it matters not. The postage is the same no matter what you call it.


You should be decent to your fellow human being but is it truly ok for me the government or another to decide what you are allowed to say

No one dictates what I can say, except the sentient belly button lint golems of Rygel 2.5.


Actually this is completely true unless you live in Canada as Canadian law says other wise

If you are a guy but you say please call me a woman I’ll go np girl ag but that is choice not law respect not just going along with it

Sad thing is you have no desire to discuss this openly:(

*edit you know what that was low of me honestly sorry I really do want to have an open and honest discussion not filled with insults but a discussion where we discuss amicably the subject at hand sorry

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Why do you dislike Jordan Peterson if you don’t mind me asking please

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I’m really not trying to discuss this at length, and this is why. The problem with Jordan Peterson, as I see it, is that from my brief research he appears to be attempting to use a freedom of speech argument to make saying things that are either disrespectful or outright hurtful acceptable, when they shouldn’t be. He seems like a man who managed to get some higher education degrees but simultaneously managed to preserve a child’s perception of themselves as the highest of priorities. I find that distasteful, and as a result any time I’ve attempted to watch him speak I became upset.

All that being said, I don’t believe this forum is censored at all. To the contrary, I’ve seen massive threads of folks complaining about GBX’s policies go unchecked for far longer than was necessary. Is there a discussion for you to have here, on this topic? Possibly, but not with me.

Freedom, costs a buck-o-five…

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Oh ffs will you leave this nonsense alone?!?

Refer to PH’s comments when he closed your last thread.
No one wants to talk about someone as inconsequential as Peterson, and not with someone such as yourself.

This isn’t a taboo topic, or some secret cabal of anti-pro-Petersonites.
This is just a useless waste of everyone’s time.

Engaging mute.

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I get that he may offend people but I constantly have to put up with that with no recourse and sorry but I suck with people so this is honestly not ment as a slant against your view point but it is not something I can explain also thank you for giving me a second chance and sorry about before

Well you muted me a great example of how open minded you are guess being open minded and caring about others are just hollow lip service huh fact is your actions prove you only care about yourself and making yourself look good btw I know your not gonna see this but others are going to see how shallow you are at least

For the record: It’s very bad form to repost a locked topic, and personal comments are very much frowned upon, too.

Official action taken.