JRHicks’ Trade Thread (WIP)


Laser Sploder (shock): Any of ASE 125 splash, IB 160 splash, ASE 100.
Homing MIRV Tediore shotguns (shock, corrosive): ASE 125 splash, IB 160, ASE 100.
Tsunami: GB 115 and Phasecast 250
Barrages, Warlords, Star Helixes, Kaos (Rad, cryo, shock): ASE 100, ASE 125 Incendiary or Autobear 75 Incendiary (Moze)
Trevonators (must have at least one of Cryo/rad/corrosive): 250 Phasecast
Psycho Stabber: ASE 100 melee
Lyudas: SNTNL 100 Cryo, 250 Phasecast, GB 115, ASE 100, ASE 2 Mags 50, 130 Clone-Swap. If the Lyuda is Cryo, must be GB 115, Cryo SNTNL, or 130 Clone-Swap.

Below are artifacts I want - not as picky that these be lvl 53. Would be ok with 50 if good affixes.

Elemental Projector Victory Rush: Rad Dmg (mandatory) cooldown and/or other DPS buffs.
Ice Breaker Victory Rush - Cryo Dmg, cooldown, any other DPS buffs.
Elemental-Stone Commander Planetoids or White Elephants (any but Cryo): melee Dmg, cooldown (reload or mag size preferred but optional as 3rd affix)


Anything below that is not legendary is purple.

Masher (Pistol): 100 RA Dmg
Linoge (Fire): 5% Dmg/Reload on kill
Linoge: (corr): 50 Crit RA
Nemesis (corr): ASE 2Mags Cryo
Hornet: 50 Crit RA, ASE 2Mags shock
Maggie: ASE 2Mags (Cryo or Rad); AB 75 incendiary
AAA: 50 Crit RA, ASE 100
Wagon Wheel: ASE 2 Mags Fire
Companion: ASE 2 Mags Corr
Magnificent (shock): ASE 100
Magnificent (corr): 300 phaseslam
Flood: 50 Crit RA, 100 Dmg RA
Night Hawkin: 250 Phasecast, 5% Dmg/reload on kill, ASE 100.
Crossroad (corr): ASE 2 Mags Rad (lvl 52)
Boomer (Fire) ASE 2 Mags shock
Vanquisher (Fire): ASE 2 Mags Cryo
Vanquisher (n/e): 130 clone swap
Jackhammer (n/e): ASE 2 Mags shock
Devoted (corr/rad): 1% consec hits
Devoted (shock/fire): ASE 100
Westergun (Fire/corr): ASE 2 Mags Rad
Westergun (corr/Cryo): 250 Phasecast
Westergun (Rad/Cryo): GB 115
Westergun (shock/fire): RA 100 Dmg
XZ41 (shock): AB 75 Fire
XZ41 (corr): ASE 2 Mags Fire
Tsunami: ASE 125 Splash, 1% consec hits, 100 RA dmg
Long Musket: ASE 125 splash
B***h (n/e): ASE 2 Mags shock
Spinner (Fire/corr): ASE 125 to BAs
Spinner (shock/fire): IB 2 Mags 125 Fire
Sleeping Giant (n/e): ASE 100, ASE 125 to BAs
Lucian’s (corr): 5% Dmg/reload on kill
Juliet’s Dazzle (Cryo): AB 75 Fire
Laser Sploder (corr): ASE 125 splash, 1% consec hits
Q-System: ASE 100, AB 75 Fire, 100 RA Dmg, ASE 75 rad
Kaos (Fire): ASE 2 Mags corr
Bearcat (shock): IB 160 splash
Try-Bolt (n/e): ASE 2 Mags Rad, 50 Crit RA
Lead Sprinkler: AB 75 Fire, 250 Phasecast
Star Helix (n/e): 100 RA
Rebel Yell: IB 2 Mags 125 Fire, ASE 2 Mags Rad, ASE 75 rad
Brainstormer: ASE 2 Mags shock, 1% consec hits, ASE 75 Rad (siren)
Butcher (n/e): Barrier Acc/crit
Kill o Wisp: ASE 2 Mags corr
Conference Call (Rad): ASE 2Mags Fire
Conference Call (corr): ASE 2 Mags shock
Hellwalker: ASE 2 Mags corr, IB kills cooldown
Boring Gun: ASE 100, ASE 2 Mags Fire
Flakker: ASE 2 Mags (corr, Fire)
Trevonator (shock/rad): 1% consec hits
Scourge (n/e): ASE 2 Mags Cryo
Wedding Invitation: Barrier Acc/crit; 50 Crit RA
Muckamuck: Barrier Acc/crit (4037 Dmg); ASE 2 Mags Rad (4161 Dmg)
Monocle: ASE 2 Mags (rad or shock)
Lyuda (n/e): extra charge RA
Nova Berner: ASE shock
Messy Breakup: ASE cooldown
Sitorak: ASE Dmg reduction
Rico: SNTNL move speed
Recharger: ASE shock
Transformer: ASE Hlth regen, IB kills cooldown
Brawler Ward: ASE melee 100, 300 melee while depleted.
Black Hole: ASE shock
Big Boom Blaster: IB kills cooldown, IB 75 shields and health
Re-Router: ASE Dmg reduction
Rough Rider: extra charge RA, ASE hlth regen, ASE cooldown, ASE corrosive, ASE Dmg reduction (most of these are not 53 but that’s irrelevant for RRs)
Frozen Heart: ASE Dmg reduction
Large Firestorm: ASE shock
Moxci’s Bouncing Pair: ASE shock
Hunter-Seeker (shock): ASE Fire
Epicenter: ASE corr
Quasar: ASE corr or shock
Red Queen: ASE Cryo or corr
Storm Front: ASE Cryo or shock; also a lvl 50 one with ASE corr
[List coming soon]
ARTIFACTS: (most below are 50ish; 53s notes specifically)
Berserker White Elephant (53): AoE Dmg, Fire Dmg, max shield
Caustic Coast Commander Planetoid: Fire Dmg, corr Dmg, Weap Acc
Corr Stone Victory Rush: shotgun Dmg, recharge rate, electrocute chance
Cryo Stone Commander Planetoid: shock dmg, mag size, shock resist
Cutpurse Launch Pad: Rad Dmg, max health, move speed
Fire Stone Victory Rush: pistol Dmg, move speed, reload speed
Ice Breaker Splatter Gun: cooldown, XP from combat, FFYL duration
Last Stand Commander Planetoid: Cryo Dmg, shock dmg, FFYL duration; OR shotgun Dmg, hlth regen, - recharge delay
Last Stand Otto Idol: SMG Dmg, corr Dmg, XP from combat
Shock Stone Victory Rush: cooldown, Fire resist, corr Dmg
Spark Plug Victory Rush: AoE Dmg, corr Dmg, mag size
Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid: shotgun Dmg, move speed, weapon Acc
Knife Drain Splatter Gun: nade Dmg, melee Dmg, AoE Dmg

I have some 125% splash Laser Sploders and 125% fire dmg Barrage and a Kaos, if you’re interested.

I got a sntnl cryo night hawkin. I’m looking for any element infinity with cryo100, seein dead with at least 3 in Donnybrook and weapon DMG and movement speed or stop gap shield with 20k+ capacity and sntnl speed annoint. Or an electric banjo with Shock damage and electrocute chance Only after level 53 as well.

Definitely would like the laser sploder(s).

As for Barrage/Kaos, I realized I have a fire Kaos with AB 75. It was on one of my walls. So really looking for those Dahl ARs in shock, rad, or Cryo. Updating OP to reflect.

Anything specific you are looking for?

Can’t think of anything I need rn, but I’ll let you know if I need anything. What’s your gt?

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Right, sent you a whole bunch of stuff.

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You just made my whole week. :star_struck:

Hey bro, I have an Elemental Projector Deathless w/ rad dmg on my trade thread. Check it out. If you want it maybe we can work something out.

Haha, glad I could help.

Would you be interested in a (Non-elemental) Lyuda (single pellet and 22 mag) with 125% fire damage next two mags? I’m looking for consecutive hits shredifiers and 125% fire shredifiers and carriers

Thanks for the offer but as that is a Moze-specific anointment, I don’t think so. Basically she’s the only char I don’t use Snipers with.

Will update OP to reflect.

I don’t use shredifiers much, so if I find a good one I’ll let you know.

I’d be interested in that Lyuda. I have 125% fire dmg on next 2 mags on a Butcher, Conference Call, and a Brainstormer if you’re interested in any of those.

And i’ll be available to trade today at about 11:15 pm my time or roughly 3 1/2 hours from now

Is that Conference Call non-elemental or what element is it?

I finally got around to adding a list of things I have. Sorted by weapon type. It’s pretty much a complete list for the moment, but I am going through my characters right now, so a few more things may be added tonight.

The Conference Call and the Butcher are both non-elemental

Hi all - updated list of wants and haves. Highlight of new haves is a Brawler Ward, 300 depleted and ASE 100 melee, a couple conference calls.