Jubamon's BL1 hosting thread

Okay, so whenever I play in BL, I’ll be updating my progress here for anyone who might be interested in joining. Feel free contact me and we can deal a time. We can also play private if anyone wants to. I always play about an hour, or until the end of current mission/next area. I live in Finland (UTC +2) and have a mic. My PSN is also Jubamon. Just remember a few rules:

  • No characters below or above two levels from current mission, except if I am too in which case you can be up to my level. I won’t babysit anyone who can’t fight for themselves, but too overpowered buddies aren’t fun either. It’s okay if you happen to level up with me tough.

  • Only one of each class! It brings more diversity to action skills, team perks, and general fighting styles, and diverse team is an adaptable team. Not to mention it looks more realistic than four Rolands bouncing around.

  • No loot ninjas! Let everyone have what they need. Naturally that also means that you guys can take anything I won’t be using, even legendaries! :wink:

  • No picking side missions yourself! It’s just annoying if they hang open.

  • No rushing! Wait or others, and let everyone shop, trade and check their stuff before moving on.

  • No mods or duplicating! Like high-leveled people, mods just make the game too easy. And I don’t want to waste time on duping stuff.

I’d recommend having a mic since it makes communicating easier (duh), but that isn’t mandatory.

Note! Since I only host, there shouldn’t be a risk of getting Keep Your Insides Inside glitch from me. Just so you know! :blush:

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I’m at level 14. First time plying through the game. Played the heck out of BL2 though. Hit me up if you’d like. I’m at the exact same spot.

I tried taking my character into online mode but couldn’t figure it out.

Also … Is there a way I can customize the controller functions?

PSN - Fly_Fishn

Add me Mr.txbl409