Jubamon's BL2 hosting thread

PSN: Jubamon

Basically the same deal as in my other online threads. I’ll be informing here whenever I’m hosting a game and what point I am in it so anyone who’s interested can join. We can also deal better time or play private if anyone wants to. Usually I’ll play about an hour or until the next mission/map. Preferrably once a day. I live in Finland (UTC +2) and have a mic. Just remember a few rules:

  • No players above or below two levels my current mission’s level, unless I’m too in which case you can be up to my level. (Basically my level players are always welcome! :relaxed: ) Too low-level people are just useless, while high-level people take all the challenge away. I won’t revome anyone based on level once allowing them in tough, even if they level up or we go doing a different mission.

  • Only one of each class. Aside from feeling more realistic, it brings more diversity in action skills, team perks and such.

  • No loot ninjas! Let everyone have what they need and you’ll get yours too. I usually have certain prefrences on loot I call dibs on but aside from those, you guys can have anything else you want, even legendaries! :wink:

  • No picking or turning in missions yourself. I don’t want side missions to hang open nor miss out the sweetest reward items.

  • Wait for others. Whether they’re shopping or checking their action skills, the team stops when one stops.

  • Don’t do anything (pick/activate an object etc.) if it cuts off any NPC dialogue before it’s finished. I want to enjoy the story/humor as much as gameplay.

  • Even aside from Gearbox’s rules, no mods or duplicating. Like high-leveled players mods make the game too easy, and duping takes time from actual playing.

I’d prefer having a mic, but that isn’t necessary. Also while this hasn’t been a problem so far, even with American players, I probably won’t let anyone lagging too much to play. You won’t be much use if you miss 75% of the shots.

Current plans Zer0, 3 slots open

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Can I friend you to play

Ok, sent you a request.

sadly i wont be able to play with you for a while now. if you can you should probably find another teammate. just letting you know it was great playing with you : )

What level are you going to be doing them? Are they going to be on the playthroug you just finished or the next one?

Damn I just need leveled

There are plenty of other threads for such things. This isn’t one of them; as mentioned in the OP.

Can I get some help on my story {level 6 COMMANDO} PSN-Stephen1601

Sorry, but just Friday and Sunday is a bit too scarcely to me. :sweat:

Current Playtrough: Starting Zer0, (again), once I get at least one buddy. Doing the main game and all main DLCs on a normal playtrough. I can play pretty much any day from morning to evening 10. I’ll call first picks on Jakobs and Hyperion sniper rifles, Jakobs pistols, Hyperion’s Amplifying Shields, Assasin class mods, any Vault Hunter Relics and legendaries/ other special items I consider useful for my current playtrough, and any Zer0 heads/skins and vechile skins I haven’t unlocked yet.

Please read the rules on the top!