Jubamon's Pre-Sequel hosting thread

I’ll post here whenever I’m hosting a game and my progress, so if anyone wants to join send me a friend request! I live in Finland and have a mic. I usually play about hour a day or until end of the current mission/next map. Just remember a few rules:

  • No characters below or above two levels from my current mission, unless I’m too in which case you can be up to my level. Otherwise you’ll just be dead weight or too overpowered. I don’t mind if you happen to level up with me tough, nor do I kick someone I’ve already accepted in the game, even if mission changes. I might change these level requirements depending on in-game situation, but of that I will inform separately.

  • Only one of each class! Sorry but it really tampers with my sense of realism having two of the same characters bouncing around! Besides it brings more diversity in general fighting styles, action skills and team perks. And eliminates completition over class mods.

  • No loot ninjas! Let everyone have what they need. I always specialize in certain kind of loot on each save and call dibs on that. But anything and everything I won’t take, you guys can have. :wink:

  • No picking or turning in missions by yourself, including side missions!

  • Wait for others… at least if your Oxygen levels allow that. Let everyone shop and trade stuff in peace.

  • No modded gear or duping! Even besides the forum rules, I want the game to be at least little challenging, and overpowered mods, much like overleveled players, ruin that. And duplicating just takes time and ruins the idea of use-based distribution.

If you want to, you can also suggest a time yourself or tell your class and loot prefrences down below. Not that you need to have any, just that sharing it would be easier that way. We can also play in private.

No current playtroughs

i can help add cleanerboy

Hey i can help. I’m a level 36 gladiator with clear and vangaurd skills so i can help defensively as well. add me psn drbong_27_420

update i’m level 39 now… sorry i think i’m too far ahead lol

ok, add me and i can help names up top

One slot taken! Got a friend joining my game. He’ll be playing as Jack and taking Hyperion SMGs and pistols, Vladof’s Tesla grenades, Tediore shields and Doppelganger class mods. So if you still are interested, better contact now when you still can! :wink:

Hey not sure if u can or not but I an at the last boss of borderlands the pre sequel and having some trouble I am looking for some help with it I am only a lvl 27-28 do u kno anyone who would help me

Hi im level 36 beat the boss have the right stuff to fight him can donate loot and use less over powered stuff. You can have all look from boss i don’t care for it just happy to split the moonstone. Message me on xbox live lets do this!! Add: DevoutestStorm1

I play on xbox one have lvl 17 doopleganger or lvl 7 baroness or lvl 7 athena or lvl 36 fragtrap
Add: DevoutestStorm1

Great rules!