Judge Hightower not dropping legendaries today?

Just farmed him perhaps 15 times in a row…nothing. ??

And of course, number 16 drops a legendary. lol

Why is everyone still surprised by these farming dry spells? Assuming his legendary drop rate is 10% (no idea whether it’s high or low), probability of not seeing any legendaries after 15 kills is a very sizable 0.9^15 ~ 20.6%.

In statistical sense it means “happens all the time”, as you just discovered. :slight_smile:

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I farmed him lastnite and was able to get my hands on three of the scorpio XL but I was also pretty dedicated, I had to of killed him like 85 to 90 times… just for the first one. The second one came after about 110 and the third was up there, nomore then like 130…

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