Juicy Swordsplosion (Dragons Keep DLC Required)

I am currently selling/trading the gun named the Juicy SWORDSPLOSION!!! You must have the Dragons Keep Downloadable Content installed in order to use/equip this gun. Here are the weapon stats.

Damage: 26298
Accuracy: 82.9
Fire Rate: 0.9
Relaid Speed: 4.2
Magazine Size: 8
-Because Mister Torgue Said So (Red Text)
-5.0x Weapon Zoom
-+500% Weapon Damage
-+50% Critical Hit Damage
-Deals Bonus Explosive Damage

Psn: xShyste

Is there a times beside the damage that you forgot? What level is it? I got a terrible version and prefix and am looking for a x5 version.

I am sorry to say that it has no extra times damage, and i have no idea what level it is as it only appears to say “Requires Dragon Keep” as it is also a bright purple coloured texting.

if your still willing i can trade for it