Juju drops on Rampager are just abysmal

This Boss during the event has only dropped the juju twice in over 125 kills,it’s like it’s not even a boss or the toxic loot pool that it has is like every piece of gear in the game is it’s dedicated drop,I’ve had really good rng on every other boss that I’ve farmed,the drops from him just don’t feel right and just want to see if anyone has either experienced this or it’s dropping no problem for you

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I didn’t try him many times as he’s an annoying boss (stupid invincibility phases and jumping around pointlessly… my action skill runs out waiting for it), but nothing special dropped for me.

I’m prety good a killing him quickly,it’s just that in his loot is mostly world drops and i’ve tried it with all 4 vh’s with little difference between them and have made it also a point to make sure that the hotfixx is applied,it just feels like he was overlooked and with the event ending soon it just might be a waste of my time

It seems like you’re right. It doesn’t look like they adjusted the Rampager’s dedicated drop rate for the bonus boss loot event. There was one run where I got 11 legendaries to drop. I think that might be the most I’ve personally experienced outside of the Takedowns.

20 kills. TVHM. Mayhem 10. 14.99% Luck. Butt Stallion Milk (Borderlands Science).
122 legendaries, only 4 of which were dedicated drops (3 Ducs, 1 Good Juju).

Drops Times
0 0
1+ 20
2+ 20
3+ 20
4+ 18
5+ 15
6+ 12
7+ 9
8+ 5
9+ 1
10+ 1
11+ 1
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It took me 4-6 hrs spread out over 2 days until I finally got 1, and I immediately quit afterwards. The immunity phases make the fight a drag.
I wasn’t really going to use the gun so I didn’t care about the annointment; it was going into storage just to look at.

Been looking for mythical creatures in urad or gamma anointments,I’ve had extremely good rng even with Kilovolt and other bosses as well,but this boss will require some adjustments to it’s loot pool and drop rates to bring it on par with any of the other bosses or it will be something that I will avoid

Thats what ive been looking for all urad stuff i have found quite a few good weapons on this event but i gave up trying to get a urad monarch seems like every type dropped besides urad its to bad this event is limited to a week its not enough time to try and get everything i need.

just out of curiosity I tried it one time, on ps4 m10 it seems ok? It is possible that it does not drop juju depending on what the dedicated loot for the Rampager currently is. (100 % applies as the chance to drop from dedicated pool but then you obtain a random item from the pool, so if Rampager dedicated pool is clutered…)

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Exact this! If he has 4 dedicated drops you have a chance of 25% to get the juju. I don’t know how much stuff he has in his pool actually…

yeah and I am not even sure that all dedicated have equal probabilities, for my limited experience with Queen of Grogon I obtained a lot more Hornet than Creeping death, the Unstoppable seems to drop mostly Devastator etc…

Same experience with the queen of grogon here. Farmed her yesterday… Well actually Vize for the fl4k class mod but since she’s a fast kill I checked her loot too.

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That is if he had the Quadramizer still as a dedicated drop but it got moved to another enemy in the Anvil which you would think that with one less thing in his dedicated drop you might see the others more frequently andwith the event going on,I’m also saying the amount of different world drops that I see with this particular boss seem to dominate what drops from him,right up to this post I’ve killed him over200 times with 3 juju’s to show for it 2 with so so anoint’s and one good one,just saying that the rates seem a little off when I compare them to any other boss I farm

Two of the dragons of the queen are dropping the Quadramizer frequently.

Lol at least that’s dropping,I have really good anointed Quadramizers it’s the Juju that doesn’t seem to wan’t to drop with any frequency