Juliet's Dazzle bug

I’m on Xbox One I redeemed Juliet’s Dazzle from my email today but it never went in to my inventory.

I tried rebooting but this never fixed the issue?The mail says I have claimed It but I 100% have not and it has not been deleted in error.

Anyone else had this Issue how do you fix it???

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Not sure if there is a fix. Apparently there was some kind of bug with the code where folks were reporting getting multiple copies. I’m guessing the shift code may have been expired pending a resolution of the issue?

What about today’s code? The echo snow globe was posted and when I go to the shift website to redeem, it shows a valid code and offers to let me redeem for PSN then in the process keeps failing.

Vip site redemption isn’t any better, does it work in game?

Doesn’t work for PC either

There’s active discussion going on here:

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That happened to me and my husband too on PS4, we redeemed the code it says we got it and when we checked our mail it wasn’t there :cry:

So does anyone know if this is going to be fixed? Me and a buddy both used the codes, got the first two echo themes but never got the weapon.

For those who haven’t recieved the assault rifle from code yet - there’s no official word on it returning yet but if you go here:

I’ll let you know soon as I’ve found out it is acquirable.

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It’s not the greatest solution but have you tried opening the in game mail on a different character? Each character should get its own copy of the email. I would suggest claiming it offline first to see if it goes in your inventory.

Yeah I have trouble redeeming mine too, Shift code was accepted on Xbox but never appeared in my social inbox :disappointed:

I entered WSW33-HSFJ9-CWRZF-6J3B3-JF6BF yesterday for the legendary assault rifle, and the shift code accepted and processed, but when I got home, it wasn’t in my in-game mail. I tried entering the code again, and it says it’s already used…

The rifle has unlimited redemptions so it appears it has been disabled - hopefully only temporarily for a fix. No communication is par for the course though - if I see it has been fixed I’ll tag you here so you can retry =)

Anyone else having an issue getting their rifle feel free to reply to this comment so I can keep track of who all to tag should it be resolved :slight_smile:

PC, I also have the issue. Redeemed and is listed as redeemed but never showed up in mail or inventory.

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I redeemed code but never got the rifle. I’m on Xbox



A new code was published specifically for epic snow globes… Or were you talking about the rifle?

Edit, autocorrect skipped some letters as @Nirantali pointed out

*T3FCW =
Your account is not yet linked with the platform for this code:

So it’s either only for PS4 or only for Epic, but not for PC.

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Does this remove it from the mail area? It showed in my mail before but now has disappeared.

If I’m understanding correctly, you saw it in your mail previously but were waiting to redeem it - and no longer see the mail for it?

I’m assuming that once they tried to fix it yes, they probably removed all guns from inboxes because otherwise I would still have a redeemable one from between my last acquired one and the time they stopped sending the guns out.

Would you like to be tagged if a solution is provided? Or am I way of the mark?

You are right on the money with this. I didn’t redeem it initially because I was leveling a character and wanted to redeem it at level 50. If you could tag me when a solution comes up that would be great. It would also be nice if they let people know about this via whatever medium they used to disseminate the shift codes so I didn’t have to scour boards but…whatever.


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I am specifically talking about the rifle code. I redeemed it but it never showed up in mail or inventory.