Juliet's Dazzle drop location

Is Aurelia still the source of this gun? Just finished 200 level 72 kills of her and she hasn’t dropped it. Oddly the Frozen Heart dropped at a 60% clip and she dropped nearly every possible world drop.

Aurelia should still be the source since I last checked. Just make sure you are on Mayhem 4 or higher.

It is bugged since GBX decided to add Firestorm grenade to Aurelia’s loot pool. And I think it wasn’t fixed in latest patches, so the only way to get JD is from Maliwan Takedown.

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I have been farming Aurelia for a new Frozen Heart and can confirm that I have not seen one single JD yet in about 30 kills. Statistically that’s highly unlikely unless what @GrzesPL is saying is not correct. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, did I miss it?

Good to know–now I can stop wasting my time farming her. I’ve always had bad RNG luck in this game but I never thought it could be that bad.