Juliets Dazzle vs The Anvil

Decided to spice up my build with a Radiation ASE BBB shield and a Cryo DP Juliet’s Dazzle.
This is the result. A quick stroll through the anvil and it’s annointed horde.

I can’t wait until MoD is fixed on PS4, life will be so much better. Anyway, if you like running a short fuse/vampyr build. This is a showcase as to why you should always have one of these bad boys in your quiver. Enjoy!

The JD can roll with x2? Very interesting…

I prefer the single option. It drains the mag too fast. Once I can get forge and short fuse, The DP will really shine.

Honestly it looks like your MOD is working fine to me in this video. I know their are legitimate issues with it sometimes but I see you making a common Moze mistake. You are just throwing nades constantly as fast as the game allows you(I see this habit in a lot of videos!). You need to have a better cadence with throws or you are just wasting them and asking to run out early. There are times where you are going along taking no damage but still throwing away all your nades as fast as you can, that’s not quite how it works not if you want to keep up on regen. You should try to be more mindful of when you are throwing and how fast you are spamming them and I promise Moze will play better for you.


That’s fair criticism. I’m spamming them a bit here because I’m using a BBB and get more of them back that way.

But I promise you not a single grenade was regenerated by grenade splash in this video whilst I was standing. It was either BBB boosters or splash fired by the JD.

There’s a point where I go down with 0 grenades, but because grenade regen works correctly in FFYL, I get up with six, after spamming 4. You can’t pick up boosters in FFYL.

I’m gonna remake this same run and swap the BBB for a Band of Sitorak. You will see the difference.

Edit: you can’t see because the clip ran too long and I lost the start, but this is on M4 with ‘enemies do 40% extra damage modifier’

I don’t doubt that at all, happens the same on PC too. That’s a big part of the reason I always prefer Short Fuse builds for that extra chance. I’ve also been leaning toward using Radiation weapons because I found the rad explosion has a decent chance to proc MOD too.


I’m finding the Rad/Cryo combo here particularly effective.

One of the reason I love this gun is that the projectile does splash damage when it hits, penetrates and hits other enemies, ricochets and has a bonus explosion at the end of its travel time. Any enemy hit along the projectile’s path has that MoD chance.

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radiation is so strong on m4. i’ve tried going back to fire against flesh and it still under-performs considerably compared to radiation in mobbing for me, which seems so wrong, but it checks out.

Yeah I was trying to run a Short Fuse, rad Foursum build for awhile… Could do Slaughter Shaft, but I never buggered to take it to Takedown… The rad explosions definitely work though.

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Recently I’ve switched to Cryo over Rad, because I hate armor so much… But Rad isn’t too bad with armor either, and is great if you need a little mobbing boost. Really the two best elements in my opinion.

I think the two work beautifully together. What works here is that JD is Cryo, plus 50 ASE rad in everything, and short fuse procs kinetic.

Everything is covered.

It’s what makes those Zane redistributed builds work so well. Rad explosions freeze everything with over kill.

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