Jump Pad Glitch? (Not completing jump)

When using some jump pads (the first one in Heliophage, the one before Guardian Vyn in The Sentinel, and the one after the second defense point in the Saboteur), I don’t make it to the other side. Partway through the jump I start to lag really badly, then my character makes a sound like they’ve hit something, and they drop straight down and die. It’s happened with a variety of different characters. It happens consistently on those three jump pads (and if there’s multiple pads on that spot, It doesn’t matter which one I use - I always die). The rest of the party makes the jumps just fine.

Anyone else get this?

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I also experience this issue very often on the PC while playing public story mode (seldom in private games).

I’ll dead stop midair just before landing and cost my team valueable extra lives because the jump pads murder me. :<

I can’t get past the prologue because of this glitch and it is slowly eating away at my sanity.

Have the same issue while playing story on private. Heliophage was fine, but i’m not making that jump in the sentinel, no matter how many times i try it. Tried on different characters even, to no avail.