Jump pads causing lots of deaths in Bear OP

Hi all,

Well as anyone knows who has played a good amount of BB, the jump pads sometimes… malfunction. In the last area before the Demon Bear, there is a “secret” jump pad to get the last OP point.

Well I just played as Toby, and lost, because this pad killed me twice. The first time it just overshot me. The second time I landed. Then just flat out exploded.

I love the difficulty of the enemies in this OP, but killer jump pads is another thing altogether.

Dont move the stick… If you do, you can change where u r going to land

Ive noticed the pads during the Bear fight malfunction with Isic. It’ll pop you up to the top and then you’ll just warp through the ground in a split second and then back down next to the pad. May have just been lag but I was playing by myself.

If u r talking about the pads to get up to the drills, yes they are buged af!

It hapoens with everyone, you jump, land and get teleported back to the jumpad.

I’ve been lucky then, because I’ve never had that happen to me. (Playing is Montana, Alani, Thorn, OM)