Jump Pads in BL3

I wasn’t sure which category I would put this under, but if we make fun of jump pads do you guys think Deadlift will come back to haunt us? I’m thinking Deadlift Traunt if he’s not a undead creature of some kind. :thinking::rofl:

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I’d love an expansion into more low-grav environments, and definitely wouldn’t say no to including jump pads (seriously, how good was TPS?).

I think the new DLC will have a few low-gravity maps, but I don’t think those pads will come back.

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Jump pads are basically in the third DLC, as some kind of moss on the ground that pushes you into the air.

They also mentioned the guardian takedown having lowgrav platforming.

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After all, there are a few “jump pad”-like things in the game already (a few Eridian air flows in Desolation’s Edge, Pyre of Stars, Negul Neshai etc. or some air flows in Carnivora).

Looks like a bunch of jump pads in the next Takedown.