Jumping can be extremely warpy at high ping

I’ve been playing with a steady 300 ping and for the most part having an alright time of it. I know 300ms is a long time and I expect there to be noticeable effects.

The one thing that’s been bugging me is with jumping and jump pads - when you jump nothing happens client side until the server gets your input and gets back to the client about your new trajectory. While this is desirable behaviour in some cases* for movement it can get quite disorienting, especially on some of the taller jump pads. I think it would be beneficial for the client to move the camera as if the jump went through and resync from there instead of from the ground. this would make the correction the player sees much less jarring.

I know you’re probably not targeting 300ms player pings but I feel (though I can’t test) this would be a noticeable improvement at 150 or 120ms too.

*for example rockets come out late but do what you tell them which is ideal.