Jumping in 5 versus 5

People jumping around like they are on pogo sticks… F them, 10 second cool down on jump please!!!


Welcome to hero shooters bud


I love it when people jump. Makes it easier to hit them.

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Turn off your aim assist (on by default) it makes you miss if your using a char with projectile travel time.

You’re lucky you don’t know Salary man.


Sadly, if you don´t jump you die rather quickly in BB… Makes playing Marquis rather annoying, but it saves you from getting killed every 3 seconds.

Maybe try out a jumpy movement characters youself (like Mellka or Caldarius) , it´s really fun when you get the hang of it.


This is how every shooter works except Killzone. Literally every game that allows you to shoot in midair without significant penalty = you best learn to bunny hop. Doom, quake, tf2, overwatch…
Especially in this game because of sprint-jumping = attack at full sprint speed with no accuracy penalty.

If you’re on console, map jump to L1.

That being said, it’s also best to mix up bunny hopping with regular strafing so you don’t become uber predictable. It’s pretty easy to track midair opponents because they can’t really change direction.


Battlefield 2. I played a season in a BF2 infantry-only league (no vehicles, etc). The bunnyhop was real. REALLY real.

  1. People are doing X.
  2. Insult people that are doing X.
  3. Request for a fix for X.
  4. Doesn’t explain why X is bad.

Its bad because they’re jumping and they wont stop! what if its contagious?! >:/


I hate bumper jumpers too, but it’s never going away.

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Not when a great Pendles, Thorn, Melka or Rath jump around you in melee range. It’s an advance tactic that confuses the hell out of opppnents while the jumping player has full control damaging/killing you in mid air.

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I remember the Caldy and Mellka mains of old…NEVER.STOPPED.JUMPING.


Well, both their lore deals with jumping, so maybe they were working on that.

Yeah, that was the joke. I remember it well since I was once one of those super-jumpy peoples.

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“Garybux, I do not want my daughter to die of jump syndrome, pls remove!”

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True. I guess I can see the reasoning though, it is kind of ridiculous/cheesy imagining an intense battle being fought with both sides incessantly bouncing up and down like it’s some playful romp on a jumping castle. Playing the game it is actually pretty tedious mashing jump the whole time, too.

It’s not cheesy at all. Jumping is extremely useful in pvp. Specially ,if your character can jump higher than normal.

  1. It allows you to avoid damage from both regular attacks (I’m looking at your Benedict players that like to shoot rockets at the opponent’s feet) and skills.

  2. Some of your own attacks can hit with better accuracy in mid air as opposed to be grounded.

  3. You can jump on top, to the sides and even over some Battleborns. If your opponents doesn’t have high enough control sensitivity and reflexes, jumping at different directions in close range will confuse him a whole lot. It also serves as an escape mechanism by jumping over some Battleborns while running away.

  4. Some platforms can’t be reached without jumping.

  5. It serves as a distraction. For example I like to take on Montana 1v1 with my Rath. Normally, Rath wouldn’t stand a chance if he engages without double jump. With that Helix however, Rath can jump on top of Montana to buy enough time for assistance or kill Montana himself. The obvious reaction for Montana is to look up to continue shooting Rath. While Montana has his gun pointed up, he is no longer aware of his surroundings. He only sees Rath, his gun and the sky.

  6. If Your character can jump higher than normal it opens a whole set of offensive and defensive gameplay for your character


Right because I’d definitely be letting those characters go into melee range when I’m playing a sniper or mobile dps like Caldy or Benny.

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I don’t mean cheesy as in ‘you’re playing the game unfairly boohoo stop that’.
I just mean that it looks dumb (in some games). A purely aesthetic/taste judgement ala ‘I like peanut butter’.

I am fully aware that it is very useful in pvp and I bunny hop like an absolute maniac in any game where it’s a thing.