Junk Or Keep Error

Since the update I can"t fav or nunk items in my inventory. Anyone else?


Same. I opened a support ticket

Yup, also lost half my equipped gear with this patch. Shield, artifact, grenade mod, smg, all gone.

Keep checking daily for a patch and still nothing. It wouldnt be nearly as frustrating if the vending machines actually sorted weapons by type instead of whatever weirdness they do, but that would be too easy…

I think the vending machine is sorting by power number, when you select to sort by type…

Seems like that should be the “sort by score” part… considering that’s what the power number is. You are right though, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Also, after what seems like faaar too long the feature has still yet to be fixed. Are we just all being ignored?? Because it definitely feels like it.

It’s still not fixed ?
How is that possible ? It’s a big deal, inventory management is already a hassle with the poor framerate , now you can’t quickly manage it until you’re at a machine ?

“The game has billions of loot !!n but you won’t be able to sort them correctly”