Just a Compliment

Hello Gearbox and Battleborn Community

I would just to compliment the exceptional communication between dev to user. I have recently given up on a similiar game that fell short in this area.

I never expect, demand, rage about updates to pc games. I can barely get myself through C++ at the tender agr of 35.

Please keep the open communication going. The “open door policy” to the devs is a great experience. ESPECIALLY THE UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENT.

My own litmus test for a great game - Still having a blast while losing a LOT. (But getting better).

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:



It’s always nice to see something positive around here, thanks so much for sharing! :slight_smile:


im 35 too. I think our age group are the first to truly grow up with gaming. We are a very delicate group of people. Some older would argue that they had Atari, coleco…etc. But the Nintendo era during the mid 80s was where it was at.


And I was thinking I was the only granny here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 34 years old and I had videogames all my life. From my first console that wasn’t really mine, was my mother and uncle’s, an old Atari (that still works, go figure :stuck_out_tongue: ), passing to my real first console (my original Nintendo), to my Sega Saturn, Supernintendo, Nintendo 64… and up from there.

Also, I’m a mother of a girl of 10 that also loves videogames… I bought her Borderlands 2 hoping she liked it and play as Siren or Gauge… and she ended up killing it with Krieg and loving the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m considering to buy her Battleborn too, so I can play with her some pve too… Maybe with the Steam Sale I’ll do it, could be a rewards for her good grades (yeah, I’m a sucker, complaining about wanting information about the next updates and about microtransactions and wanting to pay more so I can play with my little one… You see, Gearbox, what you are making me to do :stuck_out_tongue:)


Looks like I’m the youngest at 33. Ive grown older(not up cause I’m a toys R us kid) with videogames as well. I havent played any of the borderlands but if they are as good as Battleborn is story and Dev involvement. I have truly been missing out.

I must give props for 1 key feature of Battleborn.

Couch co-op!

This was the sole purpose of me getting the game.

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Oooohhhh yes, you should give the Borderlands-series a try someday!!! These games were the main “Couch-Coop-Games” for me and my fiance, and I admit BL-games are even better for that than BB in some regards.

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33 here too, late march - who’s the youngest, I wonder? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, the Borderlands are definitely way, way better story-wise than Battleborn. Dev developpement is a little less relevant as Bordelands do not really have a Versus component that generally requires more awareness than pure coop. However the DLCs are really delightful, and this comes from someone who hates the very concept of DLCs with a passion. Just get them, BL1 and 2 are probably super cheap nowdays :stuck_out_tongue:

Started with a sometimes borrowed mac. I think there was only some old B&W golf game on this one. Then had an Amiga 500 at age 6 or 7. Pc way later, in … 96 I guess? Quickly grabbed Daggerfall, Warcraft 2… :heart_eyes:

No consoles for me ! A Game Gear, but it was never as big a thing as a Nes or SuperNes or Megadrive. Bought myself a GameCube during my first student years… It was officially my very first console.

Yeah, yeah… Us 80s kid knew some one the most interesting times ever.

I’m still the youngest. late may. I didn’t get my first comp until high school. but many fond memories on consoles. Good thing i haven’t gotten rid of any of my consoles. does that make me a hoarder?

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I’m… 23.
Battleborn is such an important game to me. The variety of characters alone makes it one of my favorite games ever. The representation is just so great that I feel right at home. Also, I never ever imagined that I would like a game with MOBA mechanics… glad I was wrong about Battleborn.
I could write a ton about why I love the game, but I don’t wanna derail anybody’s post haha


Hardly, I got them all too :stuck_out_tongue:

Also my first pc, an IBM 486, is still in my house. In fact, I’m still keeping old games and so, like a floppy disc full with my Baldur’s Gate 1, 2 and Icewind Dale 1 and 2 characters (and there are a lot of them :grin:)

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Nah, I definitely keep everything too. I even have a hard time understanding why people nowdays sell their consoles to buy the next one !
Okay no not really, I understand it’s because of costs and stuff, but one make so little money out of say a PS3 that it’s just simpler to keep it. I guess that back in our old time, we weren’t really in charge of buying the consoles so we viewed them as such precious gifts we would never sell them.

I guess it’s also a clear indicator of the new “disposable” status of goods nowdays.


Looks like Tenebeat wins. Thank you on helping to make a global community come together a little bit more with your participation.

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Positivity in the Battleborn forums…

Wow, I literally don’t know what to say.


Ha cool! I thought I was the only one. We need to form a Gaming Group.

Name suggestion, “Get off my Lawn” gamers.

Nintendo was the true game changer in my opinion. But I don’t care to “argue” about it with some fanboy.

The world sucks enough. I play video games to relax, have fun and get my a@# kicked by 10 year olds in multiplayer games.

I cant say that I blame the kids. Look at our society today. Tangible products that are dying out

Music - ITunes
Games - Steam etc
Office 365

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Office 365 can’t die fast enough. Their acquisition of LinkedIn is only going to make using these products more annoying.

Intellivision, Commodore 64, then Windows came along here. XBox is the first console I’ve purchased in many years although I spend a bit of time at a local bar playing Tekken in the '90s.

Love that 35 year olds think they’re over the hill. :wink: I’m 44.

Love the Borderlands series, Love Battleborn. Would love to be able to do the couch co-op but my SO has a hard time with fast paced first person shooters, she tends to end up looking at the sky the whole time. :joy:


Ladies and Gentleman - Our team is now in place. @Jammin72 has been volen-told to be our “Old Man” Mascot (jk)

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does this mean that everyone has to master Kleese now?


Ha! If I ever unlock him that might be apropos. Playing on two different platforms is making for a long slog in each.

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