Just a few artefacts to trade

See this link.

If there is anything you like message me.

Only looking for a couple items - will post below.

But I will try to help anyone out struggling against RNG odds when farming…

Want list

X2 Incendiary Kybs Worth 44 Mag ASE corrosive.
X2 Corrosive Kybs Worth 44 Mag ASE incendiary

Any artefact with smg damage, magazine size and incendiary damage on the same card.

Corrosive and Radiation Jackhammer’s, accept most ASE

Redlines ASE 100 or 125 Splash

Cryo or Corrosive x18 Bangstick – 125 Splash

Cryo Lyudas, Gamma, ASE 100 and 125, ASE Cryo, ASE corrosive

Corrosive Lyuda, Gamma

Cryo/Corrosive/Radiation Lump, Gamma anointment

Zane Antifreeze/Infiltrator mod with +5 in violent momentum

100 ASE Masher Pistol

Any +5 class mod with good rolls

Last Stand Otto Idol: Grenade, Mag, AOE

Last Stand Otto Idol/victory rush = pistol, mag, ASC

Last Stand Otto Idol = grenade, smg, mag

Icebreaker Otto Idol = pistol, mag, cryo

Elemental projector victory rush radiation, action, magazine

Did I sort you out?.. If not message me on PSN…

Shock stone cosmic crater with assault, AOE and mvmt . N8d0ggz got jack hammers and artifacts with SMG, Mags and fire.

Add me and we can work something out.