Just a Friendly Reminder

You don’t have to ramp the game up to Mayhem 10 to enjoy it.

The various mayhem levels and modifiers that can be shuffled and reset at will are for players to tailor their own difficulty.

If you feel the enemies are too spongey turn Mayhem down. If you feel it’s too easy roll tougher modifiers.

If you are overall dissatisfied with the FREE content updates, I’m sorry to hear that.

I was upset that Gearbox didn’t allow me to access the free content because I didnt realize I was oppressed. If you gotta move on to something you enjoy that’s fine. Just keep in mind, the game is balanced around TVHM at best… everything else is tailoring your own experience.

not really , then why we have normal / easy setting? mayhem level is not only a difficulty setting, it control loot as well which is what the entire game about

the various mayhem level and modifier that can be shuffled and reset at will are for player to tailor their own difficulty

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