Just a fun little build

Don’t normally use Sal, but just thought I would try something different.


Is it just me, or does your video lack sound?


looks good! just a suggestion, but personally i would drop all the points in quick draw and put them 4/5 into divergent likeness and one into down not out. also, take the points out of im the juggernaut and put them either into aint got time to bleed or out of bubblegum. with those two changes, the concept will still be there, but significantly more powerful. also, it might be wise to invest in a hoarder com. and since you already have an insane fire rate going for you, its probably more beneficial to swap to a bone of the ancients. you’ll get more damage out of it and since your using your action skill as a kind of “panic button” it will be up faster, also because your not invested much in middle tree for cooldown anyway.

I don’t have enough cables atm, and I got bronchitis atm too, so I can’t exactly get out the house, but will go get some cables later.

Yeah, I agree with all of what you said, but basically this build is supposed to be tricky, it’s not good at all. Also, yesterday I tried it with a Hoarder |COM and DAMN it’s fun to use. I literally regain ammo in my mag of 70 when I shoot after getting a Kill. Reminds me of Bloodbath Krieg a lot, I like that.

Shouldn’t this be in the Gameplay Videos section?

No, it’s about the build, not the gameplay