Just a heads up for PC players

If you decide to throw on DX12 when you’re getting those video settings adjusted, just know that I ran into an issue after closing the game and relaunching it, the loading times are significantly longer, I had to wait about 5-6 minutes just for the game to load instead of the 10-15 seconds it took me when I initially ran the game, maybe this is just me but my rig has the power to run this game no problem so I highly doubt it’s on my end, but nonetheless I wanted to post about it to share with all of you that this may potentially be an issue when running DX12. (I’m also aware that it does say in-game that it will increase load times but I wanted to post this in the forums for people who don’t read these things when going through video settings like me lol)

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Yes can confirm the same , Switching from Dx11 to Dx12 does exactly that on my rig too , GTX 1080 7700k tho performance of Dx12 is slightly better i think , when it finally loads

Yeah. It seems like the DX12-mode does, on first boot, build a shader-cache for the game so that certain effects render properly and are loaded in faster. Didn’t help me, though, as extreme stuttering happened with DX12-mode turned on.