Just A Pr!ck: is this a bug?

Was going to try and 100% complete this zone and it showed a quest at the dig site even though I was sure there was no mission there and the mission is the same name as the one offered on Sanctuary. I went to the location anyway and there is nothing there as expected.

I assume this is a bug and it’s placing the quest marker there because Tannis was there earlier? I don’t know but it’s weird. After completing the mission on Sanctuary it’s also gone from The Draughts. I’m still only 97% complete though for some reason…

edit: GG Gearbox. I can’t put the actual name of the mission in the thread title because it’s a “naughty” word apparently…even though it’s your own damn quest title! Censoring your own sexual innuendo. Now I’ve seen it all.

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Yeah it’s a big bug. If a Npc has a sidequest on Pandora and you don’t accept it before that NPC moves to a different location later in the game it breaks it and makes it impossible to accept.

I had that issue with Clap Ttap’s antenna mission. My friend didn’t accept one of Vaughn’s early missions so after Vaughn moved he can’t accept it now. He also didn’t accept a Mission from Rhys after the Katagawa mission. So since Rhys is no longer in the office it is not acceptable.

Interesting. I didn’t know that. I guess it’s wise to always pick up all missions as you see them. I don’t think that is the same as this mission, however. This mission is a Sanctuary mission but the mission marker is showing up on Pandora in a spot prior to your access to Sanctuary and where there is no NPC or item to even interact with.

The quest in question is one you accept from Tannis on Sanctuary.

When Claptrap has missions you get from him elsewhere they will show up as an exclamation point at his previous location on Pandora’s orbital map, too. Healers and Dealers, for instance.

But Rhys is always in his office. He doesn’t move anywhere.

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Technically I think he’s under his office, but you can certainly still get to him to accept that mission.

The only Vaughn mission I can think of that comes before he moves is the golden statue mission, but that’s not actually accepted from Vaughn but rather by clicking on a nearby CoV statue (or any of a number of such statues in Ascension Bluff).

I had this issue, but it didn’t went out like this. Guess you get the quest marker all to the places where that NPC was moving to during the story missions. I don’t remember which quest was, but I got the markers to more places. Let me say, The Draughts and Sanctuary. Went out to The Draughts to accept it, and the quest wasn’t there. Went back to Sanctuary, and the same quest was there, and I could even accept it. But I was lucky I guess, because I decided to explore a map 100%, or as much as it was possible, before moving to other one. And yeah, I accepted the side quests, as soon as I could. About that 97% completion. That 3% might come from not exploring all the named locations, or not finding a red chest (since these also count to 100% completion). If you’re playing on PC, open the map, click on challenges (the Crew Challenges, those count to 100% completion too), and press R. It will show what you’re missing.

No, he is definitely in his office if you come there later after story mission.

Or in The Droughts.

Weird. Granted, I’ve only had to go back for that mission once, but he was still hanging out down below. Possibly because I hadn’t actually advanced the story yet. I got to Sanctuary and went “oh, crapbaskets! I forgot about Glenn and Terry!”

Yeah, when you’re on sanctuary, side-mission givers show up as a “!” On all locations they can be located in over the course of the main story. The marker disappears when you go to a zone they no longer spawn in e.g claptrap and the droughts.

Tell that to the quest marker that insists he is with Lorelei (you know as holo-Rhys) and not in his office. Beleive me I have gone back to those different places in my friend’s game and couldn’t accept them. I ended up just loading one of my characters that still had those missions and inviting my friend into my game and doing them in my game.

Exactly and that includes Rhys because you interact with him in a few locations during the game.

yeah, i’ve still got a “!” at the launch pad where the stealth shuttle is located to skywell