Just a pvp mode idea

I think it would be nice to see a “team deathmatch” type of mode with no creeps or overall objective other than get kills.

This will probably be better suited in the open beta general discussion and feedback. So I’ve moved it there. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really suit this game in my opinion since lower DPS characters that would normally fill a low kill support/tank role will be disadvantaged.

I can see support keeking the high dps alive, and defenders kite opponents into over extending/allow for a decent retreat. It would defenetly be different from other fps death matches, requiring teams to work closer together.

There’s a capture game mode, which is a lot shorter and focus’s on battleborn v battleborn combat. I’m pretty sure there are few to no actual minions in it, and might be what you’re looking for. There kind needs to be some kind of objective to encourage people to push or else it would kinda throw every strategy out the window.

Ive been wondering how capture would acctually work. I know its bassicly king of the hill. As for a straight up deathmatch rules can be applyed to force a team matchup. Like there has to be one of each class type (support, attacker, defender).

Capture has three objectives you capture by standing on for a period of time and you get points per unit of time per point held by your team. I kind of doubt there would be a quota on each rule first of all because this would just further fuel the flames regarding the pre-match character race, and secondly because team composition is an important part of the game’s strategy, so it’s important for team’s to be able to play who they want. Either way, it’s much easier to fight someone on your team’s side of the map, so there isn’t really an incentive to venture to the other team’s side even for an attacker. Getting deep enough to get any actual kills would result in overextending and you probably dying without getting the kill. Also, if the only goal is kills, that doesn’t really encourage team work, which is already kind of a problem in pub matches.

No…not at all plz no, we need a 3 laner with Battleborn twists


I personally am hoping for a tug of war type thing where there is a single objective in the center of the map and you advance it forward by standing near it. You then try and move it towards your enemy teams base, so the farther you progress, the harder it is to advance giving the losing team a chance to recover. I like how incursion is kind of a big brawl and I would hope for it to be similar to that. I think it would also rely on class diversity. You’d need a tank to guide the thing, assassins to kill the tank and stop the team from advance, as well as many other classes all doing their own things. Obviously you’d need all the fun Battleborn things added in as well, and maybe even a few new additions that we haven’t seen yet.

I don’t like a pure DM either. Even if it was more battleborn PVP focused, I would still prefer it to have some kind of objective.

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