Just a quick question about packs

Just curious, I keep buying Rogue packs so I can unlock all of Toby’s taunts and skins. How many hidden taunts and skins are in these packs per character?

It’s two taunts, three skins :slight_smile: Good luck

Thank you! I could’ve sworn it was 1 taunt and 3 skins but my brother got 2 taunts, so I just thought there might be more.

Go for broke!

Good Luck =)

Uggggghhhhh, I hate the rate in those packs though. I saw someone with a sick Ambra taunt but can’t seem to get anything from Jennerit packs.

Pretty much how I feel. I have to buy at least 10 packs before I get something like a skin or taunt. It is kind of upsetting.