Just a quick question

Based on the old adage ‘insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.’ Who would consider themselves insane?

Just a fun little topic. Please explain why or why not.


I believe that term was coined before the advent of modern computing? I regularly do the exact same thing and get different results… it’s almost become a staple of some of my diagnostic routines, given how reliable doing the exact same thing does return different results.

I also think that a) that’s a loose definition for insanity, and b) it’s been abused the same way “common sense” has, to the point where I tend to ignore arguments grounded in this adage anymore.


I’m not insane. I expect the same result: a good time to be had.


Don’t need a game to figure out I’m insane :stuck_out_tongue:
I had people comment that I’m too stubborn actually.

I do everything the same in BL2. Hit Vault symbols, Echoes, missions, farming times, etc. Like clock work.

But I never expect different results. So I’m not insane (isn’t that right voice in me head?).


@Adabiviak I truly hope that I didn’t offend you. It was just a thought I had. Like I said in my earlier post it was based on the old adage, which is not true insanity.

That’s what my inner voice told me when I tried to get Melee Krieg to OP8 back at the day …

… what ?

[quote=“Lucifer87, post:6, topic:1562612”]offend you[/quote]Oh man, I hope my response didn’t come across with the wrong tone; no offense taken nor intended.

@Adabiviak I didn’t think so but I just wanted to check. I could see how the topic could be interpreted the wrong way though.

My insanity is well established by now. I get up and go to work every day, in the hope that this particular day will actually be different… But, no! The level of stupidity I see there keeps reaching new heights every day.

And to get to work, I ride my shiny meatbicycle!

@Ronnie_Rayburn I feel your pain. All I wanna do is play bl2 yet I gotta work :frowning: In the about 2 months of playing I’ve only gotten Maya to UVHM, and only just got to sanctuary.

If farming legendary guns count then I am definitely insane

I tell myself at the start of each day that it’s the one where I start being intelligent and hard working… hasn’t happened yet! As to Pandora, a certain reliability is one of the reasons I enjoy it. My world. :slight_smile:

But mine is the shiniest.

And mine, the greasiest!

About the topic…it’s not because you retry that things don’t change so i’m with the fellow players above: let’s enjoy the fun.

Also to wokers out there: don’t lose hope! Gotta see the sparkles in every day :smile:

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