Just a random speculation shot. :)

Ava is Krieg’s long lost daughter! Change my mind! :slight_smile:

If Ava is Krieg’s long lost daughter - If they gather at some point the sane part of Krieg will finally take over, while his crazy part will want to kill her because of Maya. Shakespeare material here, Gearbox, gimme money! :joy:

Nope. Tina is but not Ava.

no tina’s parents are SUPER dead, she was given a grenade by one of them witch she used to escape, killing them in the process BUT I do not think ava is his daughter either due to the fact that she is from off world and to my knowledge krieg has never left pandora

He was on other planets before going to Pandora.

When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was Maya and Kriegs daughter. And even though the time passed wasn’t long enough, I was still fine with that.

But now she’s been confirmed as not really having a tie in with anyone other than being picked but up at one time by Maya.

Her parents died and she lived in a fart cave. Then she stole stuff, Maya caught her so to get back at her, Ava spent the next year or two plotting her demise. When she originally planned to kill her herself in the vault whilst we the vault hunter were distracted, she instead saw an opportunity when Troy and Tyreen appeared. With one siren down, Ava then planned to kill Lilith next to inherit sanctuary for her own gain. Planting the idea of ‘run into the fire’ she brainwashed Lilith into killing herself as some demented idea of being a hero. Then she looted her bedroom for ■■■■■ and giggles. Tannis is next.

“What you got sirens? Yeah that’s right - you’ve got nothing!”




Tina has been confirmed by Devs to NOT be Krieg’s daughter.