Just a Reminder Cryo CCC Builds DO NOT Require Cryo Weapons

I don’t know how many builds I see when people just run Cryo Lucians or Arctic Night Hawkins.

To be effective in a CCC Build, all you need are 2 skills:

  1. Brain Freeze- Crits slow and eventually freeze enemies.
  2. Calm, Cool, Collected- upon Freezing enemies, your shields recharge, if they’re full, your Health recharges, if you shields and health are full, skill Duration/Cool Down are refreshed.

Something else that really helps is a Ice Breaker Artifact that increases your damage to frozen targets by +35%.

The biggest reason that people struggle with CCC builds is because the try to lean on pure Cryo damage to freeze enemies when all you need to is
hit those headshots and Brain Freeze will do the rest.

Match Weaknesses people, have fire for flesh, Shock for shields. You can use Cryo for Armor if you want but the STNL Annointment will more than cover that.

I personally run a Fire Lucians call with the Cryo Annointment, this let’s me deal with Flesh AND Armor effectively. I run a Brainstormer to melt shields. Everything is covered so when an Annointed dude pops up I’m not screwed.

In the end, do what you want, but I hope I’ll see less people trying to go into their menus in Slaughter Shaft and die because they ONLY run Cryo.

P.S. Cryo Hex is great for freezing as well, I personally run a Ghast Call, but you do you.

Mopioid brought up a good way to look at it on his stream.

Instead of DPS, damage per second he looks for PPS, pellets per second.

The Maggie with it’s x6, 9 mag, fire. Rate and quick reload might be the single best pellet per second gun in the game to proc brain freeze.

Now that the damage was also buffed it’s a crazy good gun for it.


Yeah that’s a great point, Maggie in general is really great after the buff but add Brain Freeze into the mix and it’s amazing for Zane.

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Yeah basically, if you have a cryo version of a weapon you need one brain freeze less then normal, which is close to irrelevant most of the time.

Louder for the people in the back. So many folks gimping their damage with a Lucians.

That being said, NH might be one of the few cryo weapons in the game worth using for the damage alone. (I’m also kind of in love with the new Dahl sniper actually, it actually puts out pretty decent damage and the dot sight makes it usable mid-range)

Except for those enemies where the crit spot isn’t easily reachable, the skill level of the player is not good enough to get crits, or those folks that want to run a “theme”. Usually I will have one or two cryo weapons and that seems to work for most engagements. The jakobs bekah (spelling?) is also really good even with bosses. Again assuming you can aim and hit the crit spot.

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That is the benefit of multipellet weapons…your aim doesn’t have to be perfect, each pellet counts as a hit for Brain Freeze. Even if you only tag a few each time it’s still going to be efficient.

Like Derch was saying, Maggie is your best friend for proccing Brain Freeze, just one or two shots will freeze.

If you can’t hit crits effectively than you won’t be able to be effective with a CCC build anyways.

What about the Butcher or other high rate of fire shotguns?

The issue with the butcher and shotguns like it is the massive amount of Recoil. If you can keep it steady it’ll work great.

I keep a Hellwalker on me as well and it does great, but I’ve struggled with anything really fast.

Yeah, Hellwalker is great for triggering CCC, the high pellet count and decent accuracy is enough and the fire element does well against most enemies after freezing enemies.

Also, Lyuda is great with the extra pellets, but the ammo consuption is far too high for mobing, I usually only use it for tougher enemies.

Anyone tested if Face-Puncher gets the increased melee damage buff against enemies frozen with Brain Freeze? With or without White Elephant too? If it turns out it can do all three together, that’d be almost OP on him, especially with Calm Cool Collected keeping him at maximum condition.

Frozen enemies take x3 damage from melee. While white elephant does attach a bomb I’m not sure if it would be stronger than an Icebreaker artifact. Since Icebreaker is a prefix, I’m curious if a white elephant could roll with it. That would be pretty crazy having bombs that do 35% damage when enemies are frozen.