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Hi all,
i wanted just understand why Battleborn have to connect on internet for every single step you do.
I have a really poor connection so i choose this on other games like Overwatch because i could play “offline” with a friend, but all the time i gat disconnected or i have to wait a minutes everytime i do something…i even get lag on a single match with all bot…
Why someone on earth create a game that have an “offline” mode with all the bad point of an online game???
Even when i just open a loot, do i really need to update online profile everytime i sell a single item???
This game is litterally let me scream…
From a “starting to hate this game” guy

Because the game does not have an offline mode.

That is something i alreadt know, infact offline is between “”, or else i wouldn’t have opened any topic, the problem is why the connection have to be so much used in the game.
Is it really necessary to be connected while playng story alone? or a match with bot? or to sell loot you don’t want???

Yes the game allways has to be online, because you allways play on the dedicated servers of Gearbox, all data is stored on the Gearbox servers. There is no difference between playing solo or with a team, all missions you start are hosted by the gearbox dedicated servers. There is no offline singleplayer.

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Having the game online only prevents cheating.

Wtf…? Why would anyone pick a co-op / pvp game if you can’t play online ?
And even if you play overwatch which is a pvp game.

Either find yourself a new connection or just take offline games like borderland or bioshock or whatever…

Hi Maledicus,
i know that is always online, but what i’am asking is why, if you give the possibility to do single player there is no meaning of an always online game, and in any case is made in the worse possible way, the game have really to do a single update for every loot i sell?

That is really true, but still an update for every item i sell is stupid, every time i have to sell 5 item i need to wait 5 minutes, and even when i just change between menu…isn’t it a little bit too much?

No it isn’t too much, playing against cheating is not fun. Also if you could open them offline, people would find a way to alter the file so that the items are legendarys most of the time or the skins they want. I’m sorry you have a bad internet connection, have you searched for better equipment/service provider?
I know most places are pretty limited to their available service providers, but you can make up for some latency issues with better equipment, or if you connect directly to your modem/router.

Thanks Trichuette,
i have corrected my first post, i wanted to say that i choose Battleborn other games like Overwatch because i prefer to play alone or just with splitscreen.
I didn’t bought overwatch or other games that have just online because i prefer to have couch multiplay.

Thanks, and i can understand your point, even if i think that update screen with online just to move beetwen menus doesn’t protect from cheaters. Let’s say the mey be i did an error when i bought the game, i played with many games that had online too without need a connection you need just to create 2 different accounts.

You need a console… not a pc :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a very redundant answer…