Just a small complaint

But who decided to put green text on a green background and blue text on a blue background for the health and shields? I mean really…

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Its clearly visible. Even if it wasn’t, the text has no significance in game.

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It’s not clearly visible for me. And That’s why I said it was a small complaint. It just seemed silly to make it that way

I only noticed because started playing another character and went look how much extra health something actually translated into.

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I’m actually a little surprised there isn’t a colorblind mode. I know that would help me a lot.

Gearbox how about throwing us colorblind fellas a bone here. I have dueteranomalous vision so all greens are basically the same shade to my eye so when Oscar Mike uses his stealth on Overgrowth he just vanishes. I have near zero chance of making out a green silhouette on a green background.

If there is a colorblind mode where is it?

You actually make that sound cool lol