Just a suggestion

So as I play it occurs to me that I’d like to see added the ability to use L3 to simultaneously pick up an item AND mark it as junk.

That is to say that as an item lays on the ground, I could move my sights over it and once the item description appears, clicking the left stick would add it to my inventory automatically marked as junk. This would prevent me from having to go into my inventory and click everything separately.

I apologise for being redundant if this has already been suggested.

It has been noted before but would be a great addition, we probably wont see it until bl4 though :frowning: I wouldn’t imagine its high on their to do list with all the other issues to be resolved, I’d like to be wrong though

Sounds like a good idea. I’d also like to be able to sell stuff straight from the bank

Anything would be an improvement from what it is at the moment :grin: