Just a tad bit curious

I’m just a tad bit curious and so I thought I’d ask the people on the forums who have teamed with me before, but which characters would you say that I am good with? I thought of this because I was reading another thread when @Gulfwulf commented on a few of the characters (most notably Boldur) that @Misguided played well. I personally feel like I can play Orendi, Montana and Whiskey Foxtrot well.

PVE or PVP? PVE wise you’re good with all three you mentioned, but it’s been awhile since we’ve done PVP so I don’t remember your performances in those games.

Both Story and Versus. Playing with or against me. I’m just curious to know who I am good with and who I am bad with as seen by others.

Personally, I am only good with the guy I am in control of. All the other guys seem to do stuff I don’t want them to do sometimes.

I will master mind control someday, and when I do I will use it to needless ends.

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As I recall, you did a fine job as Kleese on Saboteur the one day.

“You don’t pick the best character, the best character will pick you” A wise man once told me. :grin:

I’ve actually only seen you play Orendi (very well) so my input is kinda null.

So sad that I am so easily forgotten… :sob:

All joking aside I guess I’m going to have to keep playing more and play with more people I guess if I want more/better feedback it seems. Wish I wasn’t so burned out lately.

ified. Badum tssssss

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That joke was so bad it blinded me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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