Just a theory, buttttttt

I think the loot drops are a higher percentage when you play through the story. I read a ton about people trying to farm bosses and not getting much. Lo and behold, I usually have an item they are looking for. I can’t bear to farm a boss over and over and over. I run the story on M3 or M4 and the loot drops on M4 are legit. Maybe in the depths of hate and heck hole, this was designed.

Just a theory…:thinking:

I don’t think you need to be in story mode specifically, but relying on world drops is still way better than farming a legendary hunt/rare spawn in terms of getting good stuff. the non-boss enemies have atrocious legendary drop rates overall (so you’re a lot less likely to get ‘compensation’ drops like you do with bosses) then on top of that you’re wasting SO MUCH time in loading screens and travel time if you are save/quitting to reset…people talk about farming something for hours, but over half of that time has to be spent in loading screens if you’re on console. That’s so much time wasted doing NOTHING.

I don’t farm a single boss or enemy on M4, I run through most of the bosses in order, cutting out anything I don’t feel like doing that day, and all of my good stuff has come from world drops or trading the good stuff i get but don’t need. I’ve never bothered with Borman Nates but I have five Cutsman through boss drops. Same thing with Maggies, Lyudas, relics, etc…all world drops.

Dedicated drop rates need to be raised significantly if they are to be a reliable farming source. Until then, maximizing your chances for world drops via mobbing/bosses and minimizing your time spent not killing things (so avoid loading screens as much as possible) will get you more stuff than save/quitting on a rare enemy spawn and is way less repetitive.

That makes sense, I see a ton of people in the forums digging for one item on bosses, I couldn’t figure out how they aren’t getting the drops. M4 has massive drops. I’ve been lucky and got 7 legendaries off rampager. Then I look back and there seems to be so much hate begging for drop rates to increase. I just thought they might have boosted the drop rates during the normal gameplay instead of bosses. I gave away a ton of items and the grind some peeps are on blow my mind. Oh well, thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately, the majority of things I’m into tend to be This One Thing Drops It.

King and Queen’s Calls are Tyreen only.
Red Suits are only Atom or Sylestro.
Pheberts are only Wick and Warty.
Mind Killer is only Mouthpiece.
Ice Queen and Frozen Heart are Only Aurelia.
Then the M4 Only Drops like Juliets Dazzle and Vosk’s Death Grip.

I. Wish. I could do world drop hunting :joy:

I guess what I was trying to say was, I get drops off bosses more when I play through the level than just farming them. I’ll play through a couple times to check it out, since I have no life lol

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Oh no, I agree. I just have to farm specific things that are locked on certain enemies :sob:

It’s funny, I gave away 2 annoited queens calls over Thanksgiving weekend :grimacing:

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