Just an idea for a new effect

Just something I thought up while getting up early this morning, but what would everyone here think of a ‘Piercing’ effect? There is Shield Penetration to counter shields. Wound to counter healing. What about Piercing to counter Damage Resistance? If character A has 50% Damage Resistance and character B has 10% Piercing then when character B attacks character A they would do damage as if character A only has 45% Damage Resistance (as 10% of 50% is 5% so 50% - 5% = 45%). Sorry by my poor math skills by the way (or at least poor explanations involving math).

Piercing would reduce Damage Resistance by the given value which is a percentage of the Damage Resistance value itself, meaning that the higher the Damage Resistance the greater the Piercing. So 50% DR vs 10% P = -5% DR for a total of 45% DR after piercing. 85% DR vs 20% P = -17% DR for a total of 68% DR after piercing. Can someone explain this math stuff better than me please and include a working formula and some examples? Math hurts my brain. I get it but I don’t get it and explaining it hurts.

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Is 50% Damage Resistance real??? @_@


Yea you could. I know phoebe you can get close 2 45% with her lv 5 30% damage reduction

That’s a cool idea, let’s say if that were to happen I think shield penetration should include a minor % to make the gear extremely useful. Best gear to kill boulders lol.

I’ll be surprised if this becomes a thing. Usually I come up with ideas and throw them out there and then nothing really happens. But I figured I’d share it anyways. I thought it would add an interesting new dynamic to the game and add a little more variety. More options to choose from. More crap for the developers to balance (sorry guys).

oh yeah that makes sense. Alani can do the same. For some reason I was only thinking of Shayne with the auto 20% Damage reduction.

Is this not a similar thing as Damage Amplification? Except Damage Amp works even if the enemy has no damage reduction. :stuck_out_tongue:


That works too! Lol

You need quite high piercing numbers to justify the use of such gear over other damage-related gear.

I didn’t intend for this to be a gear only effect. It could be a useful effect when applied to abilities as well. And the more effective the opponent’s Damage Resistance the more effective the Piercing. Whereas with a standard attack damage buff you’ll see less effect against a high DR character as they’ll be resisting more of the damage. It’s just one of those specific counter things like Wound though. it’s more situational. great against high Damage Resistance characters and gear, but less use outside of that. So basically you have to decide whether to specialize or generalize. Do you choose to be a specialist or a Jack-of-All-Trades? And if it is part of a character’s abilities or on one of their augments it allows you to tailor things on the fly to counter the other team, as opposed to picking gear for it which is sort of a crap shoot. There’s nothing like choosing Shield Penetration gear and then going up against an all Eldrid team.

I think its a cool idea, but adding too much of these effects makes them less useful as there will be a small amount of times it will become useful.

When i first started reading and saw “Piercing” effect, it got me thinking about the ‘Armor’ gauge in Borderlands 2. You needed weapons with a Corrosive element to be effective against armored enemies.

Having a Montana with Armor because he is a Tank, and having another hero as a tank killer because of the “piercing” capabilities. Could bring an interesting dimension to high skill PvP

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Would this also work against off-hand shields though (boulder, gal, isic), as shields are effectively 100% damage resistance from the front? It doesn’t seem right to have a CC effect in place that really is only to counter Montana.

It sounds a lot like True Damage, in that is ignores any and all resistances and deals exactly X-amount of damage.

It works good in BL because you can carry many different weapons and switch between them according to situation.

Think more along the lines of Armor Pen (a la LoL). It makes a portion of your damage ignore gear/skill defenses. Like Boldur’s kill bonus, or damage reduction gear.

Yeah, I was thinking of Vel’koz’s True Damage for that XD

Well, the way I have it written up in my example it acts more like a Damage Resistance debuff.

So, it’d be more along the lines of Slag from the Borderlands verse, correct?

Well, that works on everyone. Like if slag only worked on armored foes.