Just beat the game, question about grenades' power

So I finally beat it after a little over a week. I have a question about the power of grenades. They felt… a lot weaker than the ones in BL2 & TPS. I realize there’ll be a ton of differences between those games and BL3, but they felt so underwhelming? The only grenades I ever found to do any real damage were the Atlas ones that exploded several times while tracking enemies, and the bullet storm ones. Even the Quasar, which I guess was heavily nerfed in BL3, didn’t do much.

Also, general gear question about parts. Are the various bonuses and stuff on shields and grenades random? Because I could never tell what trait lined up with what manufacturer or whatever.

Also never got a single elemental AoE grenade for some reason, which I used all the time in BL2 for their high area damage. Are they dumb rare now, or did I just have terrible luck? I looked through the ammo vending machines often and couldn’t find one.

Grenades are far less dominating than in previous games, but for a reason. There seems to be a focus on grenades being more of a utility item, rather than a killer. Heck 2 characters can achieve near infinite nades without any deep investment. They also have more variations to achieve different results. Case in point i’m trying to find legendary nades with force. Force launches enemies into the air. As for elemental nades they are very common in purple & orange tier, far less so in blue & below. You’ll find one eventually that you’ll fall in love with. (transfusion with generator nades are amazing for aggressive playstyles) (manufacturer traits are random and were introduced really late into BL2) *edited for added info

Gotcha. I figured as much. Quasar is pretty nice for the stun effect, though I wish it didn’t throw them around like they were on a steroided ferris wheel.

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I have seen several elemental nades as a whole (have a shock Hex myself, like many others I swear by this thing), but I have not seen the AoE ones like from BL2 (like the fire one that spits out 4 flame jets in a circle, or shock that did like a radius zapping zone).

I noticed that grenade ammo drops a LOT in this game compared to previous games. I think they maybe want us to use them more often but for them to not be as OP because of that.

Except for if you have a Hex, Rain Firestorm, or Spring Epicenter. Those things DO WORK

I’ve seen the sprayer type grenades that spew elemental damage in an AoE for a bit. A friend I was playing with was using them. I don’t know what it’s called for spotting it easily in the grenade attribute list, however.

Try a cloned or mirv hex it will change your mind. But yeah most grenades(Weapons too) are total trash.

Weapons are more varied not trashy. Back in the day there were very few alternatives to some godly guns. Hellfire, Bessie, Undertaker, Pestilent Defiler, and of course my personal favorite Double Anarchy drool. My only real issue is how bosses and rare spawns are the master source for most oranges. But then again BL1 had that Knoxx Armory secret. WHOEVER DECIDED NEVER TO REMOVE THAT, I LOVE YOU LONG TIME. *wink wink nudge nudge *