Just because I built a shipyard

Doesn’t mean I’m going straight BC…

Had a MP battle last night and built a shipyard after I built a gravity well and (Taidan) hypered everything to me and tried doing a salvage and grav-well rush.

It didn’t end well for him. I just started pumping out Torpedo frigates and of course, he quit.

You could see that he was trying to micro his salvage corvettes back and forth out of range of my torpedoes.

That last sentence didn’t need to be in there.

And yes, some people quit because they see that things are a lost cause. They fear the battlecruiser, and rightfully so. It’s perfectly logical for him to assume you are going for a battlecruiser. Why blame him?

Let’s pretend your opponent did not prepare for battlecruisers. You would have built one anyway, eventually.

So what’s the big deal?

He’s playing smart and you’re tired of people quitting because you want to not just win, but to drag them through the process. That’s just PVP in general. That’s how things work and it’s okay.


Back in the day way yonder, seems like people actually played and fought for every inch of space in MP. If they were losing, they still played it out. Heck, there was always the possibility of still coming out on top even if you looked like you were losing badly. I remember many games like it. Even playing it out when you were sure to lose was fun. Nowadays, not so much.

Well, he’s a quitter and ruined the game for both his allies and pretty much clinched the game for us. I don’t appreciate it and I can wager not many others would. The game was far from over. The least you could do is minimize or something. True, I had a shipyard, but that doesn’t mean I will always go BC. It depends on the dynamics of the battlefield.

I do agree that back in the day it was convention to play the game all the way through to the last ru and ship. Games like star craft with their sort of etiquette of not wasting people’s time have influenced newer players towards quitting when they can’t seem to win. While it may be annoying, people just seem to think that HW games are shorter than they are and are more apt to quit and join a better game with the little time they have to play. It’s their loss though. People don’t seem to realize how effectively you can recover from almost complete destruction. I had one FFA where halfway through I was reduced to just a carrier (I was taiidan, so no more capital ships) while the others fought it out. When it was just me and another hiig player, I had a maxed carrier fleet, and took out two of his BC’s with a minefield-gravwell trap and my frigates. It ended up being a close-ish game and an epic final stand :smiley: . Point is, the quitters are the ones missing out. HW games are certainly a long-haul, and we just have to recognize that some people aren’t willing to put the time in for a true gg. Sadly, I think it takes a comeback like this to make someone realize this fact.


As much as I hate people who quit once they execute an all-in cheese tactic and realize it didn’t work, naming and shaming them on the forums is not the way to go.

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I must have an old brain, because as long as I have anything with an engine and a gun, I fight.

We have enough drama here already without this kind of thread, thankyou.