Just because the DLC is starring attikus

Does anyone think the trailer was badass,I’m thinking an attikus video game and comic it was so cool, and also is anyone else also happy that when they said the glove gave attikus great intellect, it did not mean a science genius like Bruce banner, more of intelligence in being civilized and battle/war tactics


It was… OK. The way the VA pronounced some words sounded a little weird and the animations were bad but.
Aria looked badass. And Ambra too, as always.

Animations were bad, how? Unless you mean you disliked the aesthetic I don’t get how

Well, about the same level as many other Battleborn animations. Decent but… Not impressive.
Unnatural is probably the word I’d use.

Uh ok then

I legit want a detective Attikus skin. LORD AND GEARBOX PLEASE! GIVE!