Just came back, Is Fade Away still dead/not fun still?

I really fell in love with FL4K at release with my initial playthrough running a Fade Away build and was deterred after it got nerfed into the ground. So I was just wondering if I should get my hopes up that the build has come back in any way.

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Fade away is the most damage flak can do. I think it’s the most powerful action skill damage in the game.


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Fade away is awesome again especially with while Fade away is active weapon dmg is increased by 150% annoitments

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Fade Away never sucked, even after the GiTM nerf.

Here is a very recent Lazydata run using Fade Away.

Going back and looking at this post-GITM nerf thread was quite interesting.

Fade away has never been nerfed, only GITM was. I’m assuming what pushed you away was the nerf to LNT when it was changed to 2 second cooldown. The week after GBX set it at .3, which while it killed infinite spamming of all weapons with GITM still retained a lot of power with other setups.

Fade Away itself has consistently been one of FL4K’s most powerful builds. At this point in time, the only builds that approach Rakkstab (FL4K’s current highest DPS build) are GITM with DLC 6 items and Punchbot, a 3 shot fade away build using the facepuncher.

Take a look here at what you’ll need to put them together. FL4K Endgame Builds Compilation - Google Docs


What’s your platform? If you are on PS I can give you god CoMs and artefacts for your build.
My fade away Fl4k is also Jakobs allegiance.

Wow, thanks everyone for the input! And yeah the LNT nerf was mostly what I was referring to. To be honest my topic was a bit hyperbolic cause I still enjoy Fl4k I was just wondering how the balancing was nowadays. I know GB wanted to make it so no one build rules them all I just like having a build put together and watching my enemies pop just like in the other Borderlands games and was disappointed when LNT and Head Count got nerfed.

Thanks for the Google Doc gonna check that out cause I’m totally out of the loop now when it comes to builds.

my dude, i was there too, remember scopes killing the framerate?

in any case, it turned out it wasnt a nerf at all, because of how the fade away damage boost gets applied in the damage formula

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