Just coming back, some questions

Last I play the game was maxed out at level 50, and Mayhem 3, there was no event or DLC yet.

Just back today in Mayhem 4 on Midnight’s Cairn…
And I got an insane loot from just a pack of roach at the start of the map! :open_mouth:

Me confused… is it the Mayhem 4 effect? Is it because Midnight Cairn is a bank of some sort?! :open_mouth:

On a side note… Is there a way to save your setup (skill and favorite weapon combo)?
I lost my notes will all the different build of interest and… this is very annoying to consult any time I reskill anyway… :confused:

There’s an event going on where loot is falling like crazy (check the vending machines too - legendary gear only). There is no way to save one’s build/loadout that I know of. This site does let you spec a character and save the build as a custom URL for future reference though. https://bl3skills.com/ (just remember to stop adding points at whatever level you are at).

The current level cap is 57, so if you get a character to this level, it’s much easier to get on-level Legendary gear for your character(s) before drop rates go back to normal. This event apparently ends tomorrow.

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Damn… oh well… hopefully Slaughter Shaft is still a good spot to get legendary when I reach level 57! :slight_smile:

Just reached level 51! yeah! :smiley:

It is… game is hemorrhaging orange at the moment. Someone got two out of a freakin’ cardboard box.

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And … ouch… not ready for Mayhem 4 I think… running out of ammos… and dying…
Gotta do the main missions! :slight_smile:

This is a bl1 section

Did not notice that - phase shift completed. The nausea will wear off shortly, but I recommend a nice hot cup of tea for full recovery.

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Skag jerky is good for a quick protein boost