Just completed OP8 as Maya!

And I am proud to say that I didn’t touch the Bee for any real combat (I put it on for Saturn, but only because I really did not want to spend like 7 minutes standing behind a rock). I was forced to put on the Legendary Cat COM at about OP3, and I did use a Grog Nozzle, but still, I’d say that it’s been a successful run.

Things I’ve learned:

  1. It really does not pay to be aggressive. I had to basically tone my playstyle back 100% and take cover and such.
  2. The Peak is very grueling. It’s long and grindy.
  3. Normal Surveyors are mere pests. The ones inhabiting Digistruct Peak are nothing short of the spawn of Satan. I don’t think anyone will truly know what the word “disheartening” means until they’ve seen a UBA Lunatic healed to full from zero in literally four seconds.
  4. I need more practice. OP8 is nothing like OP0. It’s still highly enjoyable, though.
  5. Spiderants are the third most annoying enemy in the game next to skeletons and Constructors.
  6. Luckily, Maya’s action skill can deal with point 3 very well. Thank goodness.
  7. I am NOT looking forward to completing the Peak as Axton. I have absolutely no clue as to how I’m going to deal with the Surveyors.

I’ll eventually look into doing a no-Moxxi run. I’ll probably still use the Bee to save time at Saturn, though.


Congrats! Now go do it with Krieg. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! Feels good to crush dat peak! Did you do it solo or with a team? I wouldn’t have the patience to solo it lol. We beat it with Zer0 (me), Salvador, Maya and Kreig. Two of us were using the Bee though (I was one of them).

Maya does smack those pesky Surveyors in the pants hard! She was a huge asset on our OP8 win, as I didn’t have to Dahlminator them all as Zer0.

The Dahlminator with a few skills boosting it makes quite a Surveyor slayer. Hrm… looking at Axton’s skills, not sure if he can use that solution :frowning: You need to get the bullet speed up. Zer0 also adds some extra shots with Tw0 fang, turning it into a lol machine gun when scoped. If we didn’t have a Salvador around to re-gen our ammo I’d be out so fast!

All hail Constructors, the Trollbots! One was such a jerk it inspired my avatar. It’s blue because blue is the best colour, but yes, W4R-D3N can be a jerk too lol!

Nice man… for that final (last three or four, frankly) level, I don’t fault anyone for using the Bee, Grog Nozzle, or whatever; that’s some aggressive territory (especially solo).

We’ll get there eventually. XD

Well done, I’m currently soloing it with maya I’m stuck on reaching op3. How long did it take and any tips

Yeah! me too stuck on reaching op3, but hey I`ll keep on trying and will get there in the end. Its all good fun and improves my game skills I would say.

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I’ve reset the dlcs as I think getting some weapons in had at lower level might help more with progression, I’m currently trying to farm and shock flying sandhawk at op2, I know it’s probably a necessity but feel it might help melt a few enemies away and ease the grind, although trying to get the sandhawk I want is a gruelling grind in itself.

Rockshox00…I know that gruelling grind feeling all to well trying to get the perfect Sandhawk. I spent a rediculous amount of hours on it until one popped up…16hrs one day. They become your pride & joy weapons. You will get one eventually!!..Good luck!

I hear you, although there’s nothing wrong with trading, grinding for it makes it sweeter an a little bit more special, I have more or less all the new class mods for all characters at op2 which I’ve gotten in search office legendary siren class mod, which I still haven’t had dropped in the past 3 months of looking for it I must have killed Pete over a thousand times and he still hasn’t dropped it yet, it’s crazy, I go and farm the bee an the bitch and have one within half hour.

Have you tried farming the loot midgets in Sawtooth Cauldron for the Legendary Siren Class Mod, thats where I got mine. It can be a bit manic in there but there`s loads of chests, lockers etc, and some of the loot you can score is pretty good too.

No not done that area for them, only llm I’ve done are doctors orders and only ever got relics in hundreds of runs, and up at thousand cuts, and only ever had one chest open there, and that’s one chest in probably 30 runs, do they drop the old class mods or the new ones in sawtooth??? I’ve found back of ellies to be the most productive run, usually get a tubby every other run, and once had a tubby spawn in every area up to to the black queen spot, that’s 4 in total in one run, must have been a lucky day that day.

LLM drop the original legendary mods, Tubbies drop the new ones.

I got my Leg Maya Mod from a tubbie Stalker near the Opportunity bridge…

Congrats! Are you on PC @BL2_Player? We are always looking for some peak runners.

I am indeed. :slight_smile:

(Still have to eventually stream this stuff. >.<)