Just curious how many players are still playing off patch/offline to avoid nerfs to guns or loot

I’ve been offline for the past while farming like crazy, got bored of Graveward, moved on to farming mobs, been trying to get a elemental butcher.

Just wondering if there is anyone else playing offline for those sweet sweet droprates.

Just like comment with what you’ve been up to offline/off patch.

EDIT: Let me clarify that I have a physical copy and have ALL patches deleted.
playing offline on the Day 1 version so to speak.
EDIT: I also only play on Mayhem 3 (Mozey, and Fl4k)


I for one have not tbh, drop rates are waaay too high offline (tested it, and been farming M3 before the hotfix hit).

I geared my Amara for about 90% of the gear i wanted/needed the first week.

Loot tinks spawning every single time was way too OP imo. Now I have to say, they nerfed them a bit too much. Haven’t seen a single one at the Jacob’s Estate since. And I have checked tons of times.

Otherwise droprates are what they should be imo, still getting tons of legendaries from Graveward, Traunt, Troy, Chupa,…

They will eventually patch the hotfixes in the game anyway, better get used to it now, than later on.

Just my 2 cents, not saying people shouldn’t do it, it’s your game, your decision. I for one adapted.



I play exclusively online…
Exactly like the last poster said ‘‘i geared my Amara 90% of her stuff in the first week’’…before the patch was out…LOTS of players took advantage of the first week to stock up on gear. I beat the game 3 days ago. I got lvl 50 yesterday…i WILL play exclusively offline for at least a week and turn back online later once my first VH is geared to my liking.

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Your chances of getting a Legendaey CoM offline are really, really low.

I went offline for awhile to get some of my items and guardian rank back, after everything in my vault was wiped out and my guardian rank reset. But I like the buff to certain weapons playing as Amara, so for killing Graveward or something I usually just go online. Sucks rhat some weapins got a big nerf like the Maliwan Interloper shotguns, even with the 25% Dmg buff.

I still play online…I just dont see the point of doing Mayhem content at the moment. I’m just going to wait until Gearbox gets this nerf rampage out of thier system before o start doing hardcore farming again.


Odd, I have a Legendary Amara Com, maybe I was statistically lucky for once.

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I’m still out of likes, 6 more hours till it lets me.

I have some gear I don’t want to mention because of the nerf train, and likewise I will not be farming MH3 on patch until the nerfing dies down.

MH3 is at the point were it is too much risk to too little reward.


I’ll load the game up offline and then go online, I want to avoid some of the nasty bugs people talk about.
They have definitely altered the rates too far though, playing with my partner on mayhem 1, it regularly dropped purple/blue for legendary, blue/green for purple, and a lot of green.

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I play offline post patch. Mayhem 3 is too much of a grind at times to have nerfed drops. I grind through that, I want my awesome loot.


I ONLY play offline, and I intend to never play online because I don’t believe in having my game nerfed. This is not a pvp, or mmo game, there is no need to nerf builds, gear, characters, weapons PERIOD
You get the best loot offline and the best xp if you need to level up fast, and your weapons won’t be gimped, so yes to answer the OP, I stay off line


Online, have yet to be bothered in the slightest by any changes.


I’m playing offline on the PS4 because if I play online, I get crashes from time to time - especially if I’m playing split screen.

I’ve been trying to get my partner into borderlands for some time but the lag and the crashes are making it hard for me to convert him dammit!

I like getting legendary class mod drops, so no, I’m not playing offline.

Is that confirmed to be the case? Come to think of it… I haven’t seen any drop for me… Lol

Online now
I farmed most of my stuff a while ago.
When I think drop rates suck, I pull out my phone and google image bunker. Then I’m happy again.


Didn’t know there was an XP nerf, guess I’ll grind Amara and Zane offline…


Where are you reading about that? I know they nerfed guardian rank exp.

Wait they nerfed even more end game content? Are you serious? I thought it was at a healthy pace and that the diminishing returns were already brutal, but now save editing or glitch abuse is going to become common again.

Offline xp grinding lol I want max level toons without spending years on end. Uvhm in 2 was a pain and a half especially 72 to 80 after already having all op8 gear…which was then only level 80. Loved more skill points hated having to reacquire all my op10 equips.

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I’m playing online and sometimes offline. But since they’re nerfing things incorrectly in my opinion probably I’m going offline till have all I want.