Just curious how many players are still playing off patch/offline to avoid nerfs to guns or loot

I see no problem with playing online.

Raised my luckstat… through GR i got +12% and i equipped the artifact “Fire Stone Loaded Dice” which decreases my health by 75% but vastly raises my luck (don´t have any exact numbers, but you realy feel the difference).

legendaries drop like crazy on TVHM M3… random mobs drop every ~5-10 minutes a legendary , bosses/vaults i get mostly 1-3 legendaries and rare/named mobs 1-2.

These droprates seem very fine to me … and even somewhat too high (offline would just be over the top and boring).

You know why borderlands 2 got played so many years?
Because legendaries didn´t drop like candy and you realy had to farm for it like crazy, which was fun… in Borderlands 3 i´m already close to have the best in slot items within 56h playtime (and most things dropped after the nerf).

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You can do the same offline with far greater results, if I knew how to upload a PS4 screenshot I could show you a couple mountains of Purple, with Gold accents, and anointments here and there.

Because of Glitches that let you cheese bosses, the infinite badass token glitch, Infinite money glitch, Salvador, Krieg, Gaige, Weapon Drop lobbies, Eridium drop lobbies, Boost lobbies, easily modifiable saves, loot duplication, ACTUALLY STRONG LEGENDARIES, a end game that made you feel powerful, the community, ect.

I can promise you farming is not one of the reasons for Bl2’s success. (Unless we want to compare to BLTPS which had no farmable bosses but it was mostly the horrible level design, springs, and pickle that killed that game.)

That’s just sad. Especially now that most Legendaries are weak, less than 50 of the 300+ are actually viable in Mayhem 3, and most of those 300+ legendaries are all world drops.

Oh did I mention how anointed gear exists now? Meaning that legendaries are no longer the true final goal?
I’d take my chances trying to get a 94% sham than try and get a perfect annointed legendary, let alone with the new loot nerfs.


I’d ask what platform you’re on and offer to trade you a Butcher… :confused:

Have to play online for class mods, but admittedly I hopped off to offline a few times to check the loot tink at Jakobs Estate. Hasn’t dropped me anything game changing for Amara though.

legendary farming is addicting. i might stop for a while and level my second character. lol

instead of my main account i have been powerlevelling my storage accounts. lol

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Right now I go mostly offline. It’s not even comparable to online drops-wise. I can solo Slaughter Shaft all 5 rounds in sub-20 minutes and it results in about 40-50 legendaries or so there.

Doing same thing online with some matchmaking run I get maybe like… 5 or so.

Like here is example of one run: https://youtu.be/GYO9ujR_QQY

It would be 20 minutes if last round would not bug out with mob stuck out bounds, but it shows the offline loot nicely. You don’t get class mods, but I already got all I needed there anyway.


Ps4, been trying for a cryo one, that or a fire one to replace what I lost.
I could pay you in whatever since I could just reload my backup, but I won’t be on Ps4 for a while, been up to other things. (One of which is spending time on this forum, and another is hopelessly working on my art)

I have a fire one. Good luck with your art and forummimg lol

If your on PS4, go ahead and PM me your name so I can friend you.

Because I have no idea how to do that here.

My settings are private, but I’ll PM you.

I’ve been playing offline just to try to make it through the game…the performance is so jacked up that it’s all I can do to try to get some enjoyment from the game…

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I just don’t understand offline; I’ve tried to spawn tinks and it’s never worked. I actually had more spawn online, which isn’t much.

I’m on Xbox and if someone could offer advise I’d appreciate it.

I know it sounds silly cause I know what offline playing is, I’m just not seeing the results.

My method:

  1. Turn Xbox on
  2. Load game fast travel to Jacobs.
  3. Run to save point.
  4. Quit game
  5. Go offline
  6. Load back in

If you want loot tinks just play the game like normal. I saw like 5 one day playing online just progressing through the story and they appeared randomly at different maps. I will say though, that none of them dropped a single legendary. I’m thinking not only did they stop the automatic spawn of them at Jakobs estate but they may have severely lowered their drop rate.

lol @ thinking the loot tinks were appearing too much…just don’t go to that map and the problem would be solved. Loot midgets were a guaranteed spawn if you left the “Doctor’s Orders” quest open in BL2. Was that also too much?

  1. Turn your xbox on
  2. Go offline in your settings for internet connection on your Xbox
  3. Load Borderlands 3
  4. Fast travel to Jakobs Estate.
  5. Go to the designated area for the Loot Tink drop, kill loot tink. Save/quite
  6. Repeat step 5 indefinitely

I forgot about that nerf, thanks for reminding me!

I’ll add that to the list I bring up whenever anyone claims there have been more buffs than nerfs when they are horribly wrong.


No. You can get class mods offline from the cash trap slot machine in moxxis bar. The one with claptrap on top of it.


I will have to test this out later, thanks!

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yeah, that is the only place i know that you can get class mods offline.


WOW!!! This is amazing! It worked :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Before this offline run I just did I ran into 4 tinks total and I’ve been running end game for a week at least.

Not sure what you meant by the bl2 loot midgets. The op8 loot midget run in wildlife was some of the best gaming I’ve experienced. From start to midget was phenomenal pace and action ending with great loot potential. Very rewarding. I’d farm bosses for hrs and not see anything in return.

Again thank you