Just Desserts Egg Count Bug

I was finishing up the Just Desserts mission and collecting the Spiderant eggs when I realized there’s no way to get enough eggs. Unless I am missing something, I am 2 eggs short. I broke open the 3 larger egg pods and killed every Spiderant in the area and I still only have 10/12.

Any suggestions?

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I thought i was having the same problem. I checked many places on the net for a fix but couldn’t find one so i went back to the cave and kept searching. Turns out the eggs rolled away and were hidden. Originally i kept searching the perimeter of the cave but eventually I realized that there is a spot in the middle of the cave that is elevated a little bit. My last egg was there and rolled away from the cocoon and over to the wall.

Good luck

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Still bugged on Feb 8 2020. Gearbox needs to fix this. It takes to much time and is frustrating.

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Same issue here. The only way I was able to complete it, twice I had to leave the area and travel across the map and give it enough time for the spiders to respawn. Had to do that twice and was really annoying. I had searched everywhere though and it’s really ■■■■■■■ stupid to have to do that. :woman_shrugging:t3: