Just dropping this satisfying win here

So, this was a pretty fun win.
It started off with us at a disadvantage, being mostly melee characters.
Benedict jumped ship within the first few minutes, so it was a four vs five.
At some point when they were pushing hard I grabbed mid thralls, and then left them.
Mid thralls ended up taking their sentry down to 56-ish.
They got damage in to about 75 thanks to ults, pushed them off. Around the 15 minute mark, we destroy their sentry with a strong push and mid thralls again. Then our OM vanished, leaving us three vs five. They destroy our sentry after a few 3-4 man wipes. And we ended up holding strong, and keeping the fight in mid area, proceeding to win via average score at time.
Three melee characters working in a wondrous harmony is nothing to sneeze at.



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This is exactly why I can’t stress enough that you HAVE to watch your map. There have been a ton of times were we are getting just destroyed. I break away from the fight when I’m attikus and nail the double thralls and walk them right over to the enemy sentry because nobody is paying attention. This is especially satisfying on Monuments map. They are easy to forget about.

I play attikus a ton because I think he can take out the double thralls the easiest and soonest in the game. Once you get the lvl 3 I can take them easily by myself. It’s perfect timing since that’s about when they show up in the game.

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ha! look at those rekt scrubs. some of them even have more deaths than kills! ahahhahaha!

but seriously nice win.