Just Finish the "... Tentacles" DLC For Fl4k/Flack/Whatever

OK, My Flak died about 4-5 times. BUT I got killed three times fighting that damnable

Empowered Scholar

I was also killed once by

Wendigo, or whatever the critter is named

It seemed to me that it was VERY Lovecraftian. I LOVED IT!!!

Now, Zane is going to start the … Tentacles DLC, and I am a bit concerned about survival. I am probably not the best Zane-player, I have “tuned” Zane’s trees to be mostly suvivable-ish, but if I get through this DLC, Zane’s death/respawn count will be about 20-30.



Just finished it myself with Zane. The beginning was very rough and I got “one-shotted” several times the moment my schield went down. The biggest threat came from all the little Kritch who can easily swarm you if you‘re not careful and the flying versions that bombard you in the Hearts Desire. Compared to my other playthroughs the Wolven and Grawn where surprisingly easy thanks to Zanes access to multiple action skills/diversions.

The Empowered Scholar fight will still be a bitch but if you run to the far away corners/climb the fence, you can actually snipe every single crystal without having to go through the hassle with the jumping platforms.

Oh and the Skrits (Empowered Scholar type enemies) gave me slight trouble but that could be because I was playing a sniper build and they zoom around so much.

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Yeah it feels a bit strange when the final boss is easier than some mid-boss. And that has been quite an often case in Borderlands since the very first game. Like, there are just some moments and suddenly there’s a sponge enemy/boss, which also obviously was designed for coop in mind without much thought about solo play when all aggro is on a single player.

Don’t go for survival with his tree, for Zane to survive you just need the seein dead classmod and 1 point on salvation, you’ll basically get full health with every single shot.

I literally ran Zane (Dahl allegiance) against the Wendigo and Empowered Grawn last night. For the Wendigo, I used a Snowdrift to keep my distance, as many of his attacks go through the Barrier. :roll_eyes: For the Grawn, I punked out and…

…did this. It does work. I was playing at MM11 with a Blanc, Kenulax, Hail, and an Ashen Beast, and I don’t need to tell you that was rough. :sweat_smile:

I should try this - or at least check if I have points in Salvation. Feeling squishy in that fight right now. :frowning:

Zane is the easiest one to be practically immortal in terms of builds

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Yesterday, my Zane character hit

The {bad-word} Empowered Scholar

I/he got killed alot… alot-alot. The weird thing is that I ALWAYS got killed after the second “wave”. I did eventually kill the {bad-word}, after losing several million dollars of re-spawn-fees.

It was brutal!!! But I did prevail in the end!

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Happened to me too. For some reasons his adds explode/despawn which instant kills you if you’re close to them.

I don’t know but happy you made it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

DLC 2 is my favorite so far. The only DLC there I have done everything. Just love gaige and the presentation of the DLC so so much. Although I hate the Wendigo… Moze is my main and she barely does no damage on him because he’s immune to fire. Need about 5 min to kill him while evil lilith ist a 40sec fight (in total).

Yeah… In general, I run EVERY DLC with Moze after all my other characters get… embarrassed…

It seems to me that Moze is about “overpowered”. But I don’t care… she is FUN to play!