Just finished campaign. Need build to get gear

I just finished the campaign and am now looking to start farming. I don’t know if I am going to do trials, arena or just boss farming, but I need a build to start getting good gear. I have ■■■■ now so… Thanks for any help!

There are a few places you can start and it depends on what build you want to go with. Do all of Zero’s bounty hunter missions and you will get a random Lyuda. You can do some save scumming here I think to get the perfect one, but that seemed like overkill to me. After you have that you can spec into Some for the Road in BM and go to Desperate Measures in SoR and you can reliably start farming Graveward without much issue. Also with the same build keep an eye out of for a Scourge and Unforgiven. Those two weapons used together will melt Grave no matter what Mayhem Mods you have. After you get a good base of gear from him start doing the Slaughter Dome of your choice and start working your way up the Mayhem ladder!

I forgot to add. You can also easily farm up a Binary Westergun from Beanz on Athena. It’s an easy farm and Westergun is fantastic and comes in every element.

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